Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why Black women need to get in FORMATION, and have a sip of LEMONADE

When BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES CARTER says get in #FORMATION ✊🏾 you do not hesitate, you do not ask questions, you do cont contemplate, you do not think twice about that order. You simply grab your sister on your left and right and assume the position. I am a firm believer in positivity and uplifting your fellow sisters to your left and right. I am simply not a fan of negativity. Negative thoughts and view points get you no where. The act of simply getting in FORMATION to me represents making sure you are on your (A) GAME, along with assisting your fellow sisters to get on hers as well. Getting in FORMATION symbolizes having a DREAM and being willing to work hard and believe in yourself to accomplish that DREAM or goal you set for yourself. In order to be successful you must first believe in yourself and your abilities.

I think FORMATION is something that is definitely needed in the BLACK COMMUNITY. Sometimes I do not think we are as close knit of a family as we should be. I see so many of my sistahs trying to compete with their fellow Black Woman when in reality she should stand PROUD alongside her. She should encourage her when she is down. She should wipe her tears when the world seems to be getting the best of her. She should continuously offer her a shoulder to cry on and a backbone to build her back up. FORMATION symbolizes not being what is expected of you, but instead be something GREAT and PROFOUND.

While me and my friend ( sister) Jasamine aka Jazi were in Houston for Beyonce's Formation World Tour we decided to explore PARKWOOD PARK and let our creative spirits run free. PARKWOOD is the place where as a young girl and teenager, Beyonce consistently worked hard to get in FORMATION. She also mentioned that her athletic wear line IVY PARK is inspired from PARKWOOD along with her her company PARKWOOD Entertainment.  Jazi is a great friend of mines who is now a sister to me. I could not have thought of no better person to get in FORMATION with than Jazi.

Throughout life in order to get in FORMATION you might have to deal with a few LEMONS that are placed on your table of life. I although these LEMONS may have an abstract taste and might not necessary soothe you from within, you should use though LEMONS to create LEMONADE. 

As a Black woman in society we are seen as a double minority and have to always work twice as hard in every area of life to prove that we are just as good. We are given lemons from the initial start of our journey, and are definitely accustomed to having to flip it, switch it, and turn our difficulties ( lemons) into success ( LEMONADE). This necessary can not be done alone and requires assistant from our sisters.


In closing I would just like to say that I am so here for the FORMATION movement. It's great to see black women celebrating one another and uplifting her fellow sisters. Either you get with the program and get in FORMATION  or you get left behind. Continue to prove others wrong in all that you do Black Women and keep making that bomb LEMONADE, and if possible share your recipe with your fellow Black Woman if she just can not seem to get it right with life. 


Check out the rest of the photos from our FORMATION/LEMONADE Themed photoshoot at ParkWood Park in Houstonhe . Jasamine ( @JaziFresh) create our outfits. Tphotos symbolize 2 strong women who have overcame tremendous hurdles and will not let nothing stand in their way. We are drinking our LEMOANDE

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous
xoxo Lela Victoria