Saturday, November 23, 2013

Michelle Obama covers December/January issue of "Ladies Home Journal"

I honestly can not get enough of our fabulous "First Lady" Michelle Obama. It has been a while since we have had a  FLOTUS which such style and grace.  Shout out to "Jackie Kennedy" for paving the way. Michelle Obama really is a great role model for women not only in the United States of America but all over the world. 

This month you can currently find our First Lady on the cover of Ladies Home Journal. Where she discusses what it is like to celebrate the holidays in the White House. This journal specifically caters to women and everything that entails what it means to be a woman, therefore it is only fitting to have the FIRST LADY grace the cover a few times. This is not her first time being on the cover, she previously shared the 2012 September issue with her husband President Barack Obama. Check out the LADIES HOME JOURNAL  and indulge in all there is to know, learn, and enjoy about being a Lady. 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Beyonce and JayZ spotted at Thunder Game

Beyonce and JayZ really love the sport of basketball. Last night November 21, 2013 the couple was spotted courtside at the Oklahoma Thunder NBA game where they took on the Clippers in the Chesapeake Arena. The last time Queen Bey was in that Arena was July 5, 2013, where she gave one heck of a performance on her Mrs Carter Show World Tour. I persoanlly attended this concert. This was the first time she touched my hand and smiled at me * I just had a BEYHIVE STAN MOMENT * That was literally the best night of my life. Bey is very familiar with that Arena.

I know we are accustomed to seeing this couple at Brooklyn NETS games, but they decided to switch things up a bit and support "Kevin Durant" who is a part of Jay Z's sports agency ROC NATION. It's nice to see the couple out doing things together especially since things are about to get hetic for them when Jay kicks off his Magna Carta tour and Bey finishes up the Mrs Carter Show that has been going since April of this year. This couple is one that is not afraid to work hard and show their fans some love.


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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best Man Holiday Movie Review

GOD, FAMILY, and FRIENDSHIP, those are the 3 most important things in my life. This past weekend the Best Man Holiday premiered nation wide on November 15, 2013. It was the first holiday movie to hit the big screen this year and I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional roller coaster that I experienced from watching the movie. The original Best Man was released 14 years ago in 1999 and it rocked the black community. This is a movie that is legendary in the black community simply because it shows African Americans in a positive light. We are not being portrayed as being thugs and drug dealers, but instead we are shown as writers, athletes, and workers in corporate america.

The Director of this film is Malcolm Lee. That last name should sound familiar and ring quite a few bells, because he's the cousin of the legendary Spike Lee. Looks like the movie making talent doesn't fall far from the tree in the Lee family.

My review will contain SPOILERS!!! I personally think that because the movie premiered 2 days ago, I have the right to discuss what happened in the movie.

If you have not seen the original Best Man it would be in your best interest to watch it before you indulge in the Holiday version. Some movies you can jump right into without seeing the original, but this movie is not one of them. The sequel builds on what happened 14 years ago and a lot of the drama that takes place is due to what happened that eventful weekend 14 years ago before the wedding.

The Holiday version features a white cast member in the prequel (HUH ARE YOU SHOCKED)  well you shouldn't be interracial dating is becoming more popular in today's society, especially in a world where a decent black man is hard to find, no wonder Jordan wonders to the other side. Eddie Cibrian plays the role of Jordan's boyfriend and he seems to adjust fairly well to his holiday scenario. Malcolm Lee was able to reunite his entire cast for the sequel, which at times can be a daunting task, especially after having so many years pass by.

The HARPER forehead kiss
The movie starts off with a recap of what happened in the original Best Man and morphs into showing what all the cast members are currently doing in life. The Best Man himself Harper (Taye Diggs) becomes a best selling author but is currently struggling financially due to his wife Robyn (Sanaa Lathan) not being able to get pregnant which leads to the couple seeking out the help of fertility clinics and doctors. Harper's latest book was nowhere near a best sellers, so now he's working on what his next book could possible be on. Which leads to him considering writing Lance's (Morris Chestnut's ) biography. Robyn is nine months pregnant and a successful chef. Mia (Monica Calhoun) is a stay at home mom and is the reason the old Best Man crew meets up in the first place. Lance is the lead running back for the New York Giants NFL team who enters the movie being close to breaking a record. Jordan (Nia Long) has reached the executive status at MSNBC. While Quintin (Terrence Howard joined the family business and works in the music industry. Shelby (Melissa De Sousa) spent the past years marrying rich and doing reality tv shows, such as Real HouseWives. Julian (Harold Perrineau) and Candance aka Candy (Regina Hall) are married and owned their own school. Yes Julian married the stripper from the Bachelor Party. I guess love comes in many different form.

This movie had my emotions on a roller coaster. There were moments where I laughed uncontrollably and times where I cried throughout the movie.  Friendships are something that is very near and dear to my heart, so movies like THE BEST MAN are something that I thoroughly enjoy. I was excited to see everyone reunited once again. Quintin and his silly ways always kept me laughing. While Jordan bringing home a white boy almost did not shock me. There were moments where I cried. Before the death of Mia. I wanted to believe that she was going to fight through and beat cancer, but unfortunately her body did all that it could handle. Malcolm Lee took me from mourning the death of one character to welcoming the life of a new character who also has the same name as the cast member we lost.

The Best Man Holiday taught me that I should value friendship and never take it for granted. This movie was long awaited but definitely worth the wait. Please go see this movie with your significant other or a group of your closest friends. I was blessed to be able to see it with one of my best male and female friends and with my sister .

The The Best Man Holiday has currently earned $30.6 million and was filmed on a 17 million dollar budget. The original Best Man earned a total of 34.1 million during its entire running and in present day has earned 54 million. The Best Man Holiday is looking to break records and set new ones with the amount of revenue it has brought in.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jennifer Hudson gets a #WalkOfFame HollyWood Star

Congratulations to the fabulous Jennifer Hudson, she has done something that many successful celebrities wish they could do, and that is be awarded a star on the HollyWood Walk of Fame

We first met Jennifer Hudson in 2004 where she was a contestant on the third season of American Idol and ended up finising seventh. She was in the season that Fantasia Barrino won. Hard to believe that Jennifer Hudson actually finished 7th and she's the one who now has her own star on the HollyWood Walk of Fame. That just goes to show, that it does not matter what place you finish in, what matters is how you finish.

Jennifer Hudson has earned her star and she did so by winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, A Golden Globe Award, an NAACP Image Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role as "Effie White" in the the movies DreamGirls (2006)
She also has won a Grammy for her debut album entitle "Jennifer Hudson"
Jennifer is more than deserving of such an honor and I am so happy for such a strong woman who has endured so much pain, but chooses to continue smiling and sharing her gift with the world.

Congratulations JENNIFER HUDSON, you rock girl, and you inspire so many young women to go out there follow their dreams and do great things. Thank you for sharing your gift and choosing to be a positive role model.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Today we celebrate Veterans Day of the year 2013. I would like to give thanks to all the veterans. Thank you to all that have served and those who are currently serving.  Few people know your struggle and what you deal with, and the pain that you go through. 

Being a service member is not all about Honor and Glory. These men and women, deal with long days and long nights. They spend many days, weeks, and months away from their family. Some service members have missed huge chunks of their children lives. For those service members that are single, they deal with adjusting to living in a new area without any family. But through it all service members continuing moving forward and doing great things. 

Although we continue to live our lives do not forget those service member who have given their lives in the longest war that our nation has been a part of. As of November 7, 2013 there has been a total of 3,395 coalition deaths in Afghanistan and a total of 4,486 American troops were killed in IRAQ from 2003 to 2012. Only 1 percent of the American population are a member of the military and I am apart of that 1 percent.


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Miss Universe 2013

The  2013 Miss Universe Pageant was held in Moscow, Russia at the Crocus City Hall on November 9, 2013. This was the 62nd time that this pageant has been held. The reigning queen was Miss Olivia Culpo (Miss USA) 

The Winning Queen was MISS VENEZUELA Maria Gabriela Isler check her out below rocking the attire that she wore for the national costume portion of the pageant. 

86 countries were represented at the pageant this year and all the ladies looked amazing. Venezuela has had 7 women's over the past 62 years that's the seconds most wins behind the 8 winners the USA have had. 

It looks as if the ladies of Venezuela have a point to prove and are coming for the ladies of the great USA. Congratulations. To Maria Isler she looks amazing wearing the Miss Universe crown. 

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The History of TWERKING

With every generation comes a new style of dancing and currently that style of dancing is TWERKING. Many people see this style of dancing as raunchy or derogativ

Post by RAw Talent.

#freetwerkteam By D'Neise Robinson, Marje Kilpatrick & Nya McDowell (poets of RAW Talent & the 2013 Bay Area slam team) Hello boys and girls Today were going to talk about twerking Do you know how to twerk? I bet you do But for those who lack these skills First, assume the sumo position Now arch your back like a banana Gotta do your spirit fingers Place your palms on your knees (Stop with the spirit fingers) Ok now we'll begin the butterfly Bounce bounce bounce Then you go into the Bounce a Biggity bounce a biggity Slow it down, slow it down Ok lets put it all together Now that you've learned the moves Lets talk about the word Twerk Twerk team! Urban Dictionary defines "Twerking" as "the act of moving/shaking ones Ass/buns/bottom/buttocks/bum-bum in a circular, Up-and-down, and side-to-side motion. Basically a slutty dance. Derived from strip clubs." No, Basically Fuck Urban Dictionary Twerking traces back to patterned Footsteps on African soil Drums rimmed with lamb skin Forming Africa in the arches of their backs Breaking waves in the shore of Their thighs This black dance looked At as sacrilege instead of art They applaud Miley Cyrus for poping her ass on Youtube And glorify the sensual dances of Tango and Salsa But news reporters look at us like Nothing but monkeys in heat Grinding feverishly in a crowded room It's more than fucking with clothes on C’est La danse du fessier This is the dance of the behind The way it bounces beneath slither snake curves Caressing males phallus Grinding with the ass My foremothers granted me Pleasure is our power This dance This movement Mutilates these rusted locks around our vulvas No more suppression perspiring from our walls Our sexuality will not to be restrained Our cunt is more then cave for your orgasm Our pussy is pious Its only natural that the spirits of my sex roam free Like birds soaring over Yoruba ceremonies Like tribal cloth swaying with the forcing of hips Like limbs gracing mother natures breath This is the origin of twerking An ode to Mapouka in Dabou Gouyad in Haiti El Mapale in Colombia The vacunao in Cuba The dutty wine in Jamaica The Niiko in Somalia The Malaya of the Afro-Arab communities in Oman, C'est la danse du fessier This is the dance of the behind There is no shame In the desires I express through twerk The natural rhythm of life Begins inside me You only cherish our thickness When you can have us how you want us- On a pole being thrown your money In a music video clapping ass for your fame On a corner selling pussy for your profit But when we do it for ourselves Is when you fear us most The way we grind and tease men While they grab hungrily at our birthing hips Now you stand helpless to this ass In defense You call us ratchet, Call us vulgar Loose Whore Hoe Wretch Why must sex be a scarlet letter upon our chest? We know what we are We are god in the flesh A body stretched Across oceans and continents We are brown We are thick Middle passage in our waist History in our hips We twerk to remember We twerk to resist

Friday, November 8, 2013

MISS UNIVERSE 2013 (costume traditions)

Being that America is a very diverse country, that can bring about some difficulties for our country when we are trying to do things such as represent the culture of America within a beauty pageant. Every year at the Miss Universe pageant they have the PARADE OF NATIONAL COSTUMES. Each girl wheres a costumes that portrays the culture of her specific country. If I was in this pageant representing MISS USA I have no idea what my costume would be. Our culture is made up of too may other cultures that at sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming at times. This year Miss USA Erin Brady decided she would represent her country by dressing in some red white and blue transformers looking ensemble, that I myself am not a fan of.

I have no idea what that is suppose to be, but overall it is just hideous. On instagram Miss USA wrote that her costume is " Embracing powerful women in a transforming country, that's made up of so much" That's what MISS USA means to me."

Okay Erin nice try at trying to stand for feminism and be patriotic at the same time, but overall girl you FAILED in this area. The other women from the other countries DOMINATED in this area. The costume that was suppose to represent the USA does not scream America to me, it screams a pile a mess and over the top, check out the fabulous costumes of the other countries below.

Also don't forget to watch THE MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT on November 9 at 9/8c on NBC



































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