Saturday, November 9, 2013

The History of TWERKING

With every generation comes a new style of dancing and currently that style of dancing is TWERKING. Many people see this style of dancing as raunchy or derogativ

Post by RAw Talent.

#freetwerkteam By D'Neise Robinson, Marje Kilpatrick & Nya McDowell (poets of RAW Talent & the 2013 Bay Area slam team) Hello boys and girls Today were going to talk about twerking Do you know how to twerk? I bet you do But for those who lack these skills First, assume the sumo position Now arch your back like a banana Gotta do your spirit fingers Place your palms on your knees (Stop with the spirit fingers) Ok now we'll begin the butterfly Bounce bounce bounce Then you go into the Bounce a Biggity bounce a biggity Slow it down, slow it down Ok lets put it all together Now that you've learned the moves Lets talk about the word Twerk Twerk team! Urban Dictionary defines "Twerking" as "the act of moving/shaking ones Ass/buns/bottom/buttocks/bum-bum in a circular, Up-and-down, and side-to-side motion. Basically a slutty dance. Derived from strip clubs." No, Basically Fuck Urban Dictionary Twerking traces back to patterned Footsteps on African soil Drums rimmed with lamb skin Forming Africa in the arches of their backs Breaking waves in the shore of Their thighs This black dance looked At as sacrilege instead of art They applaud Miley Cyrus for poping her ass on Youtube And glorify the sensual dances of Tango and Salsa But news reporters look at us like Nothing but monkeys in heat Grinding feverishly in a crowded room It's more than fucking with clothes on C’est La danse du fessier This is the dance of the behind The way it bounces beneath slither snake curves Caressing males phallus Grinding with the ass My foremothers granted me Pleasure is our power This dance This movement Mutilates these rusted locks around our vulvas No more suppression perspiring from our walls Our sexuality will not to be restrained Our cunt is more then cave for your orgasm Our pussy is pious Its only natural that the spirits of my sex roam free Like birds soaring over Yoruba ceremonies Like tribal cloth swaying with the forcing of hips Like limbs gracing mother natures breath This is the origin of twerking An ode to Mapouka in Dabou Gouyad in Haiti El Mapale in Colombia The vacunao in Cuba The dutty wine in Jamaica The Niiko in Somalia The Malaya of the Afro-Arab communities in Oman, C'est la danse du fessier This is the dance of the behind There is no shame In the desires I express through twerk The natural rhythm of life Begins inside me You only cherish our thickness When you can have us how you want us- On a pole being thrown your money In a music video clapping ass for your fame On a corner selling pussy for your profit But when we do it for ourselves Is when you fear us most The way we grind and tease men While they grab hungrily at our birthing hips Now you stand helpless to this ass In defense You call us ratchet, Call us vulgar Loose Whore Hoe Wretch Why must sex be a scarlet letter upon our chest? We know what we are We are god in the flesh A body stretched Across oceans and continents We are brown We are thick Middle passage in our waist History in our hips We twerk to remember We twerk to resist