Friday, April 6, 2012

Only FAITH Can Get You Through

"You can't see into the future, you can't see through dark clouds, you can't see all the pitfalls, so walk on by faith each day"

These are the words of CISSY HOUSTON 's ( born EMILY DRINKARD) new song that she will sing at her daughter's Tribute next month. Her faith keeps her going and I am glad to know she can rely on it. The mother of WHITNEY HOUSTON recently did her first interview since her beloved daughter's death. She decided to do the interview with local TV station MY9. NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH was the location that CISSY chose to conduct the interview. She has been a member of the church since 1953 and felt that this particular site was the right place to speak her very first words about her daughter to the world.

Cissy states, "I'm very proud of my daughter, she accomplished a great deal in the short time that she's had here I'm proud of her, she was a very wonderful person." In the interview Cissy shows us just how strong of a woman she is known to be. Cissy was able to return to New Hope 4 weeks after her daughter's funeral. She's gone on to say if there was something she could do to bring Whitney back she would but she knows that is impossible and everything is in God's hands. As a mother she has no regrets and states that Whitney looked out for her family. (The fact that Whitney cared for her family is something that I really love about her, I believe in the mentality if you make it big so does your family. Never forget where you come from)

Cissy refused to comment on the day that Whitney died * Feb 11, 2012* and how she found out about her daughter's death (I respect that she decided to keep some thing private, the world does not need to know everything). One thing Cissy did make a statement about was the way that the Media, portrayed her daughter. She felt as if the media only wanted to discuss Whitney's low points, and highlight the negative parts of her life. Cissy says sometimes it seemed as if the media were making assumptions that were totally wrong. She proceeds to say she will let them think what they want about Whitney, as long as they don't say it to her face all is well.

(Everyone has their high and low points) Cissy just wants her beautiful daughter Whitney to be remembered for the wonderful things she has done in her life and the amazing contributions that she gave to society.

The HOUSTON FAMILY will perform a special tribute to WHITNEY HOUSTON this May 2012 at the McDonald Gospel Fest at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. This falls on mother day I wonder if BOBBI KRISTINA will bless us with her gift.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy In Love 4 Years Later

Anytime the fourth of the month rolls around I have to immediately check and see what Beyonce milestone is occurring. Sometimes its her birthday, mama Tina's bday, her man's bday, or her anniversary (unfortunately Blue Ivy was born on Jan 7, 2012).

Today is April 4, 2012 which is a very significant day. The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated 44 years ago in Tennessee, Maya Angelou (Marguerite Ann Johnson) turns 84, and Beyonce and Jay Z celebrates 4 years of marriage.

I was a senior in high school when I found out Beyonce had jumped the broom. The news caught me immediately off guard and I did not know how to feel about the marriage. I had mix feelings because Beyonce was my girl and JayZ was not my boy. I still do not really like Jay Z that much but he's growing on me just a little bit. And we all know JayZ is not the nicest looking brother on the planet. I will be real with everyone, I did not think he was good enough for Beyonce and things from his past did not sit too well with me. But what I think does not matter, as long as she loves him the stans will have to put up with him.

I just want to give a shoutout to the couple and say Happy 4th Anniversary and I wish you two many more.

Fierce & Love