Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nicki Minaj's *ASSet* filled ANACONDA video

     Who does not LOVE being the talk of the town, better yet the talk of the COUNTRY and the music industry in particular. One of the women in the music industry who has had our attention lately has been the curvaceous NICKI MINAJ. About 2 weeks ago Nicki had our attention because of her provocative cover for her single ANACONDA, and now she has us talking once again. This time our attention is focused on the actual music video for ANACONDA. NICKI MINAJ released the video at midnight ( on 19 August). I personally knew about the release ahead of time, so I made sure to stay up to catch the music video as soon as it was premiered. Personally I am a fan of the song itself. I like the tempo and the upbeat tune and I just love how overall NICKI is enjoying herself.

 Essence sparked a lunchtime debate on twitter today where they asked the question whether or not it was okay for a female music artist to display women in a music video in a sexual manner. People had a problem with the song's cover so of course they are all in their feelings about this provacative video. I say if you have a problem with it DO NOT WATCH IT simply as that. The song samples " Sir Mix Alot's " BABY GOT BACK song and I'm more than sure the same people complaining about Nicki's ANACONDA, have no problem with BABY GOT BACK. She's a grown woman who loves herself and someone who does not mind showing off her curves so why not let her. I mean you can't argue that she's not a nice sight to see. NICKI and her curves are mind blowing.

Overall I loved the calm beginning, I adored the chair dancing scene. When NICKI appeared on my screen in the pink with dumbells, I almost fell over and last but not least THE DRAKE LAPDANCE. Drake was literally sitting in that chair looking like he wasnt ready for what NICKI was about to throw at him, and boy oh boy did homegirl back that thang up.

Hey Nicki can you teach me how to move like that girl. I can learn a thing or two from you.
check out some snapshots from the music video and the actual music video below.

I have been cracking up at everyone's reaction to the Anaconda video. I even had the pleasure of watching 3 males reaction's as they watched the music video tonight. I sat backed and watched their body movement and facial expressions. From bugged eyes, goofy smiles and open mouth stares, I got a good laugh out of them drooling over NICKI and her curves. KUDOS NICKI YOU WIN WE LOOSE ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What did you think about the video, let me know the good the bad and the ugly.




Monday, August 18, 2014

Finalists for Seabrook Island Wedding Giveaway

     As you live your days on this wonderful earth you encounter people that leave an everlasting impression upon your life. One of the people who did just that for me was Crystal. I met her my freshmen year of college and I am more than sure God personally put her in my life. Growing up as the oldest of ten siblings I always had to be the backbone and of course I yearned for a older sister to call my own. While a student/cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Crystal was a big sister, mother figure, and a mentor to me. I admire so much about her and she always gave me great advice whether I wanted to hear it or not. She truly cared about my well being.

    While she was an English instructor at West Point she met the love of her life Marcus. I remember when she told me they were dating, and I decided I was going to give him a hard time just because I did not want just any man talking to Crystal. She was special in my eyes and deserved a special man. Turns out Marcus was a sweetheart and he won me over.

     Now it is almost 4-5 years later and Marcus has officially asked Crystal to become his wife. I was filled with joy when Crystal told me the great news. Finding the love of your life truly is a great feeling. Now that she has said yes, it is now time to plan the wedding. I recently found out that Crystal and Marcus are semi finalist in a spectacular wedding giveway. The giveway is with " Seabrook Island Resort Beach " and the couple has the opportunity to win a dream wedding at one of Charleston's most luxurious beach resorts. I definitely would love for them to win this giveway.

* excert from the website*

Crystal and Marcus have a rather fateful romance going for them. The two met at West Point, then, years later while stationed in separate cities in Afghanistan, struck up a romance that played out over “handwritten letters, spotty Internet connections, and often disconnecting phone lines,” says Marcus. (Between missions, he says he even folded paper origami roses so he could send her a bunch of flowers.) When the two were back stateside, with Crystal stationed in Hawaii and Marcus in Georgia, one visit found him on the mic in a jazz club pouring out his love for her along with a proposal. They danced to “At Last” and soon decided to wed in Crystal’s hometown of Charleston. “We plan to retire there after our Army careers,” explains Marcus. “Crystal speaks of Charleston with reverence, with stories past, and with pure happiness as much of her family still lives there. And after walking along the Charleston’s coast, hand-in-hand with my wife-to-be and almost hypnotized by the gentle lap of the water, I, too, fell in love with the city.” Add in the area’s rich military history, plus the Gullah traditions that they hope to share with his California family, and there couldn’t be a better spot for them to say “I do.”

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Thursday, August 7, 2014


There are many things that piss me off and one of those things happens to be when society takes part in uplifitng a double standard. A few months ago people had a problem with Rihanna having her nipples on display in a sheer dress. Now people have moved on to complaining about another black female and another body part that they feel is not meant to be displayed to the public. This particular feature that has everyone in an uproar is the BOOTY/A**/DONK/BUTT  of Nicki Minaj. Nicki is being criticized for showing her rear end when people flaunt there ASSetts on a daily basis. Lets take the beautiful area of SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI. Where women are known for walking the shore in a thong bikini which shows off their butts. I see nothing wrong with wearing a thong and having your butt out. We were all born naked. If showing skin was so wrong I think we would have been born with some type of cloth covering us. The particular picture that Nicki received major backlash and criticism for was the cover of her new single ANACONDA.

The song Anaconda references the song " Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix Alot which explains why Nicki has her cakes on display. The Image is similar to what is seen on many magazine covers around the country. To combat all the negative critcisim she received Nicki decided to take to instagram to point out the double standards that exist in our society.

This is a picture of the 50th Anniversary cover of Sports Illustrator. On the cover you can see the butts of models on display.. An image such as this is deemed to be acceptable by society even though there butts are out. Did you also notice they are also topless?

Here you will find another photo of a model found within Sports Illustrator with her buttocks on display and yet this is considered acceptable.

Once again Nicki posts another pic of a model with her butt on display with the caption acceptable.
And here's another photo have another model with her butt on display and shes in a squating position.

How is it considered acceptable to have a woman's butt displaed on a magazine cover, but if Nicki Minaj wants to display her butt on the album cover of her new single, she is considered to be trashy and a bad role model. Double standards are ruining our society. We as women should be able to do whatever we want.

Now lets examine another woman who has her butt on display.

The biggest female artist of our time tends to have no problem having her butt on display for millions of people to see.
Beyonce gives a sultry performs on stage during her ON THE RUN TOUR *summer 2014*
Beyonce has no problem showing off the body she works hard for

Even Beyonce's dancer enjoy having the freedom to wear what they want.

Now after evaluating all these lovely butts, can someone tell me what's so wrong with Nicki Minaj embracing her butt and making money from it in the process.

All I have to say is that if you are mad and disgusted with the cover of ANACONDA, just wait until you see the music video. From the previews I have seen, lets just say men will become obsessed with this video. The video is filled with many plump butts and samples the song " Baby Got Back"

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj remixes FLAWLESS

One of the biggest songs on Beyonce's fifth album has finally been remixed and what other way to do it than to remix it with the biggest female rap artist of this time. Beyonce teams up with Onika Tanya Maraj better known to y'all as Nicki Minaj for her flawless remix. Together they both create a great masterpiece. This remix takes flawless to another level. Beyonce is able to unleash YONCE. We've only recently been introduced to YONCE but so far I've determined she's the carefree sexy side of Bey who tends to do a bit of rapping every now and then.

Honestly not to be conceited but anyone who has the opportunity to collaborate with Beyonce should consider it to be an honor. Okay I know I'm sounding a bit much like a STAN right now but come on you can't deny the fact that Beyonce is super awesome and she makes great music and her music sales so if you want play time and want to make some money then I suggest you try to be featured on a song with Beyonce because you're going to receive much recognition.

If we take a look into the lyrics of this song we see a few subliminal messages. First off Beyonce address the infamous elevator incident that took place between her husband JayZ and her sister Solange. Bey raps

We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators
Of course sometimes shit go down
When it's a billion dollars on an elevator
Of course sometimes shit go down
When it's a billion dollars on an elevator

Beyonce and JayZ's net worth combine is over 1 BILLION dollars. Therefore is saying that when you're this rich of course a few things may go down. Even though they are filthy rich they have their problems just like any normal couple.

It also seems as if Beyonce is coming for someone and I'm thinking that someone, but I really can't name him.

You wish I was your pound cake 
Boy you know I look good as fuck
 You wish I was your baby momma,
 Come around and give you good Karma 

Check out the song below

Seems like the old queen of rap has let jealously take over so she decided to do her own remix to the remix and invite herself to an invite only party. Lil Kim takes the remix and then adds 16 Bars of her own at the end. Lil Kim starts off by saying did this ho just say my name. Nicki does state that she's slaying with Queen B but I'm more than sure everyone would agree that Nicki was referring to Beyonce and not Lil Kim, but I guess Lil Kim wanted to be relevant again. But I will admit the line where Kim says " I gave you the rope I want you to hang" had me like danggggggg. But honestly Lil Kim trying to remix a remix and not even be original with it makes her look pathetic. Anyways scroll to the end of the song and you'll catch her useless addition to the remix and take a look at the lyrics to clarify what she's saying 

 [Verse 3: Lil Kim]
Am I trippin' or did this ho just say my name?
Queen of rap? Fuck outta here
Queen is back, get outta here

Time to get this swag bitch outta here
I woke up like this, fuck outta here
I'm so awesome, I'm so fuckin' awesome
These hoes wanna be me cause they know Kimmy, she be flawless
Yea, I'm flossin', bitches got 'em nauseas
Phantom got 'em cursin', Panamera Porsche's
I just had a baby 'bout a week ago
These bitches got me on my (?) yo
Look at this shit, still got my dick on her lips
I ain't (?)
Damn it's a shame
I gave you the rope, bitch, I want you to hang
Do your lipstick with the mascara
Kissin' myself on the bathroom mirror
Head game so presidential, spit on a dick like an instrumental


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