Monday, August 18, 2014

Finalists for Seabrook Island Wedding Giveaway

     As you live your days on this wonderful earth you encounter people that leave an everlasting impression upon your life. One of the people who did just that for me was Crystal. I met her my freshmen year of college and I am more than sure God personally put her in my life. Growing up as the oldest of ten siblings I always had to be the backbone and of course I yearned for a older sister to call my own. While a student/cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Crystal was a big sister, mother figure, and a mentor to me. I admire so much about her and she always gave me great advice whether I wanted to hear it or not. She truly cared about my well being.

    While she was an English instructor at West Point she met the love of her life Marcus. I remember when she told me they were dating, and I decided I was going to give him a hard time just because I did not want just any man talking to Crystal. She was special in my eyes and deserved a special man. Turns out Marcus was a sweetheart and he won me over.

     Now it is almost 4-5 years later and Marcus has officially asked Crystal to become his wife. I was filled with joy when Crystal told me the great news. Finding the love of your life truly is a great feeling. Now that she has said yes, it is now time to plan the wedding. I recently found out that Crystal and Marcus are semi finalist in a spectacular wedding giveway. The giveway is with " Seabrook Island Resort Beach " and the couple has the opportunity to win a dream wedding at one of Charleston's most luxurious beach resorts. I definitely would love for them to win this giveway.

* excert from the website*

Crystal and Marcus have a rather fateful romance going for them. The two met at West Point, then, years later while stationed in separate cities in Afghanistan, struck up a romance that played out over “handwritten letters, spotty Internet connections, and often disconnecting phone lines,” says Marcus. (Between missions, he says he even folded paper origami roses so he could send her a bunch of flowers.) When the two were back stateside, with Crystal stationed in Hawaii and Marcus in Georgia, one visit found him on the mic in a jazz club pouring out his love for her along with a proposal. They danced to “At Last” and soon decided to wed in Crystal’s hometown of Charleston. “We plan to retire there after our Army careers,” explains Marcus. “Crystal speaks of Charleston with reverence, with stories past, and with pure happiness as much of her family still lives there. And after walking along the Charleston’s coast, hand-in-hand with my wife-to-be and almost hypnotized by the gentle lap of the water, I, too, fell in love with the city.” Add in the area’s rich military history, plus the Gullah traditions that they hope to share with his California family, and there couldn’t be a better spot for them to say “I do.”

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