Thursday, August 7, 2014


There are many things that piss me off and one of those things happens to be when society takes part in uplifitng a double standard. A few months ago people had a problem with Rihanna having her nipples on display in a sheer dress. Now people have moved on to complaining about another black female and another body part that they feel is not meant to be displayed to the public. This particular feature that has everyone in an uproar is the BOOTY/A**/DONK/BUTT  of Nicki Minaj. Nicki is being criticized for showing her rear end when people flaunt there ASSetts on a daily basis. Lets take the beautiful area of SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI. Where women are known for walking the shore in a thong bikini which shows off their butts. I see nothing wrong with wearing a thong and having your butt out. We were all born naked. If showing skin was so wrong I think we would have been born with some type of cloth covering us. The particular picture that Nicki received major backlash and criticism for was the cover of her new single ANACONDA.

The song Anaconda references the song " Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix Alot which explains why Nicki has her cakes on display. The Image is similar to what is seen on many magazine covers around the country. To combat all the negative critcisim she received Nicki decided to take to instagram to point out the double standards that exist in our society.

This is a picture of the 50th Anniversary cover of Sports Illustrator. On the cover you can see the butts of models on display.. An image such as this is deemed to be acceptable by society even though there butts are out. Did you also notice they are also topless?

Here you will find another photo of a model found within Sports Illustrator with her buttocks on display and yet this is considered acceptable.

Once again Nicki posts another pic of a model with her butt on display with the caption acceptable.
And here's another photo have another model with her butt on display and shes in a squating position.

How is it considered acceptable to have a woman's butt displaed on a magazine cover, but if Nicki Minaj wants to display her butt on the album cover of her new single, she is considered to be trashy and a bad role model. Double standards are ruining our society. We as women should be able to do whatever we want.

Now lets examine another woman who has her butt on display.

The biggest female artist of our time tends to have no problem having her butt on display for millions of people to see.
Beyonce gives a sultry performs on stage during her ON THE RUN TOUR *summer 2014*
Beyonce has no problem showing off the body she works hard for

Even Beyonce's dancer enjoy having the freedom to wear what they want.

Now after evaluating all these lovely butts, can someone tell me what's so wrong with Nicki Minaj embracing her butt and making money from it in the process.

All I have to say is that if you are mad and disgusted with the cover of ANACONDA, just wait until you see the music video. From the previews I have seen, lets just say men will become obsessed with this video. The video is filled with many plump butts and samples the song " Baby Got Back"

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