Friday, November 21, 2014


I'm filled with excitement as I type this blog. Currently I am deployed to the middle east specifically to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Everyday I wake up at 4am in order to get ready for the day and head to Physical Training formation which is held every weekday at 5am. Well this morning on Saturday 22 November * in the eastern hemisphere* I woke up at 4 out of habit, checked my phone and SCREAMED when I saw that my girl Beyonce was twerking on a balcony to to her new song 7/11.

This video is random and I love it, most of all I think a good portion of the video she recorded on her own. The video starts with Bey turning on a camera while she's on the balcony. She starts off the video dancing on the balcony and simply performing the moves to the words that she is singing about in her song while rocking a KALE sweatshirt. Bey proceeds to jump on a bed *that blue is sleeping on * #ItsOfficialBeyHasNoChill. She then proceeds to go to the rest room with her entourage/dancers/girls next the video heads the living room area where Bey does a bunch of random stuff in front of a Christmas Tree. The song is random so it would make since that the video be random and all over the place as well.

Beyonce has reached a point in her career where she can do what she want and have fun. She's about to have everyone twerking and just having fun this holiday season. #SmackItInTheAir

Checkout her new music video below.


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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New BEYONCE music leaked RING OFF and 7/11

Beyonce is set to released the Platinum edition of her Fifth Album BEYONCE on November 24. The album contains two new tracks and those 2 tracks have been leaked to the public. Beyonce usually likes to keep her music private until she wants to release them so I know she's not to happy about the leaks.

 I love both songs. In 7/11 Beyonce gives us Ratchet Bey aka YONCE and I love it. It actually might be too much for some people.

Ring Off is a bit more emotional. I currently have that song on repeat as I type this blog. This is the side of Beyonce that we are accustomed to and she serves and slays. Ring off sings about a woman who overcomes heartache from a man who no longer loves her therefore the RING COMES OFF. I'm more than sure this song is talking about the nasty breaking up between Matthew and Tina Knowles.
The song ends with a speech that was given by Tina which validates the speculations even more.I think its pretty dope that Beyonce has a song to celebrate her mama's triumph over heartache.

Now when the snippet of Ring Off was released on the 19th of November many people speculated that Beyonce was talking about her marriage when in fact she was not. It amazes me how quick people are to jump to conclusions on certain things and look like a complete fool.

 KUDOS QUEEN we love your new songs girl. Keep giving us great music. Check out RING OFF and 7/11 below. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.



Hope you guys like the new songs,

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney's CINDERELLA 2015

I grew up in the Disney Princess era and longed to be like the young ladies that were depicted within the Disney movies. One of my favorite princesses was Cinderella. I loved Ella because even though she had a rough life and was mistreated by her stepmother she still chose to remain optimistic in her situation. She chose to find sunshine even on her cloudy days and that showed me that at a young age it was possible to look on the brighter side of things  and to see the LIGHT in a DARK situation. Disney's has recreated a modern day version of Cinderella and it is set to be released March 13, 2015. No longer is Cinderella in cartoon form, but she has now been brought to life.

I absolutely adore the glass slippers Ella is rocking in the trailer. Where can I get a pair?
I'm looking forward to Disney recreating their other movies as well. Below you will find the trailer. Enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Solange Knowles stylish NOLA wedding blows us away


Whenever Solange (28) does anything we should always expect that it will be unique and stylish. This weekend ( NOV 14-16) Solange wed her long time boyfriend "video director" Alan Ferguson (51) in good ole New Orleans. New Orleans is definitely a city that fits Solo's big and soulful personality and has been her home for a while now.

The couple kicked off their wedding weekend Friday night with a screening of Diana Ross's movie " Mahogany " at Indywood Cinema. The lovely couple watched Mahogany together on their first date and wanted to share this special connection with their friends and family. Before watching Mahogany they shared a documentary about their love for one another with their guest.

Solange and Alan kicked off their weekend looking chic 

SOLO is having a blast. 

The fabulous couple arrived to the site of the wedding gracefully riding bikes. Solange wore a gorgeous ivory caped jumpsuit by Stephane Rolland and definitely showed us what she was working it. Check out that amazing cleavage she has on display.


Check out the couples grand entrance below

she set the standard

Take it in from the back 

Pure Happiness

What a lovely couple

Blue Ivy is rocking her fro

I am in love with Solange's pre wedding look, from her powerful Afro to the jumpsuit to the fact that she ditch a limo and rolled up to her wedding location on a bike with her hubby. Who does such a thing. That would be Solange Knowles. I expected to see her turn heads and yes indeed she did. I think she inspired Bey to let Blue Blue rock a picked out fro as well * I better not hear any nasty comments about her fro*

Check out the Stephane Rolland jumpsuit on the runway

The wedding was held at Maringy Opera House in New Orleans and

Her guest wore all white and everyone looked amazing especially Beyonce and Mama Tina * LAWD* those family genes are nothing to be played with.

Solange rocked a Humberto Leon for Kenzo floor-lento gown *with another cape attached* along with Stuart Weitzman shoes. She also wore gold bracelets by Jill for Lady Gray. Overall Solange looked absolutely amazing. She embodied what it means to be a queen and I loved her for that. She didn't conform to modern day wedding traditions but instead chose to add her style and flavor to the ceremony and achieved amazing results. Alan's suit was a Lanvin design.

Solange's Bridal party featured her Fierce big sister Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, her mother Tina Beyince Knowles, cousin Angela Beyince, singer Janelle Monet, and video director Melina Matsoukas. The women in the photo give off this I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR type of vibe and it intrigues me. I love the intense looks in the ladies eyes * all except Janelle Monet* This bridal portrait will go down in history as one to be remembered. Y'all already know everybody about to try and recreate this photo so brace yourself.

Alan is a video director and a native of Richmond Virginia. He directed JayZ's primetime music and video and both Party and Dance 4 You for Beyonce.

Mama Tina showing us that she still has it

Tina Knowles also was a show stopper at Solange's wedding and showed us that she's doing the damn thang at the fabulous age of 60. It's so obviously why Beyonce and Solange sparkle the way that they do * check out the woman who carried them*

Beyonce was spotted in a form fitted dress designed by Ronny Kobo it was his Maggie Lasso Diamonds Dress ($349)

Next up you will find some behind scene footage of the celebration

Solange dancing in the streets of New Orleans

Unfortunately it looks like Solange had an allergic reaction to an unknown source and ended up breaking out in hives

mother and son dance together

Check out Solange and Juelz perform a choreograph dance routine to " NO FLEX ZONE" I loved this part of her wedding 


Overall Solange's wedding was a home run. She looked beautiful, happy and blew the world away. KUDOS SOLO.

Also just to let you know Solange is 28 and her knew husband is 51 *WOAH* I thought the Beyonce JayZ age gap was huge but SOLO just beat out BEY BEY

Seems like the Bey and Solo both have a thing for older men. Women do mature faster than men so that could be why.  

I'm not sure if her father Married Knowles made the wedding but I really hope he did along with Kelly Rowland but I doubt it only because i couldn't find any pictures of them at the wedding.

As always Social Media blew up and even took the time to let Kim Kardashian know this is how you BREAK THE INTERNET while remaining fully clothed.

Solange officially has all unmarried women re planning their future weddings in their heads including me. We all want to be as fabulous as SOLO some day. She has me re-evaluating all my wedding plans and I'm thinking my wedding will be a fashion show "lets see what I can come up with.

Solange made an Instagram post about her special day 

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