Monday, November 3, 2014

Introducing Q LaSha

     I personally love highlighting events, business, and amazing people from my hometown. Today from the great MOBILE ALABAMA I give you the Fierce and Fabulous Q LaSha. Q LaSha is a local singer who recently released her debut EP album entitled THE GOOD THE BAD and THE UGLY. 

For those of you who have no idea what an EP album is I will provide you with a break down on what is considered to be an EP. An EP is an extended album that can not fully be classified as an LP due to the amount of songs on the album. EP stands for extended play and features more than just one single. Q LaSha's EP album is great and features her hit song ANGRY LOVE which is my favorite song on the album. She is a graduate of Baker High School  and really is a great person to be around.

Her EP can be heard on YOUTUBE 


I wanted find out more about the woman behind the voice, so I took the time to ask Q Lasha a few questions about her music and her thoughts on her journey thus far. 

1) What musician  inspires you?

I have a couple of favs but I'm drawn to Anita Baker the most ....I love her grace, her voice is so captivating

2) Did you have any doubts when you decided to create an EP?  If so what were those doubts?

Honestly, no I didn't have any doubts ...bc when it's time to do something, you just dive right in & make it happen
3) What keeps you going in an industry like this one?

Purely passion love for music will never die so that's what keeps me going
4) What are your goals and aspirations?

My goals are def to win at least ONE Grammy & to travel internationally touring & giving back ....I wanna perform in every continent
5) How does music make you feel?

Webster hasn't really discovered a word for it yet .....the feeling I get from music is so spiritual ......I go to another place when I sing or hear a song that I love's crazy

Q LaSha is definitely a woman who knows where she wants to go in life. She is also a woman of many talents to include both singing and being a makeup artist. I met Q at a photoshoot back home in Mobile. I was trying to build my portfolio and get my feet wet in the modeling world after I finished up my undergraduate degree. She ended up doing my make up for majority of the shots that are currently in my portfolio check out the pictures below.

As you all can see she is truly talented in the realm of being a makeup artist and highliting ones outer beauty. Im blessed to have crossed paths with such an amazing individual. Q LaSha girl I'm hitting you up for the next photoshoot that I do at home.

Now that I have introduced you all to greatness, It would be kindly appreciated if you were to show some support.
Q LaSha is currently in the running to have her song "Angry Love" featured on the Coast2Coast Mixtape 289 which is hosted by FAITH EVANS.

In the meantime check out Q LaSha's promo video for her single " YOUR WORD" 

You can follow her on instagram @qlashamusic__
                                       twitter @qlashamua

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous
Lela Victoria

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