Thursday, November 20, 2014

New BEYONCE music leaked RING OFF and 7/11

Beyonce is set to released the Platinum edition of her Fifth Album BEYONCE on November 24. The album contains two new tracks and those 2 tracks have been leaked to the public. Beyonce usually likes to keep her music private until she wants to release them so I know she's not to happy about the leaks.

 I love both songs. In 7/11 Beyonce gives us Ratchet Bey aka YONCE and I love it. It actually might be too much for some people.

Ring Off is a bit more emotional. I currently have that song on repeat as I type this blog. This is the side of Beyonce that we are accustomed to and she serves and slays. Ring off sings about a woman who overcomes heartache from a man who no longer loves her therefore the RING COMES OFF. I'm more than sure this song is talking about the nasty breaking up between Matthew and Tina Knowles.
The song ends with a speech that was given by Tina which validates the speculations even more.I think its pretty dope that Beyonce has a song to celebrate her mama's triumph over heartache.

Now when the snippet of Ring Off was released on the 19th of November many people speculated that Beyonce was talking about her marriage when in fact she was not. It amazes me how quick people are to jump to conclusions on certain things and look like a complete fool.

 KUDOS QUEEN we love your new songs girl. Keep giving us great music. Check out RING OFF and 7/11 below. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.



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