Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014 ( from adorable to OH HECK NO)

Halloween 2014 was very eventful and like always people around the world SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT with their creative costumes. My personal favorite costume(s) of the season just so happens to be one worn by my favorite singer * Im not being bias, y'all know Beyonce and Blue killed it. Check out how the mother/daughter duo pay homage to the #KingOfPop and his FIERCE sister.
Beyonce is wearing Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" ensemble while Blue Ivy portrays Michael Jackson

All we would have needed was for Beyonce to bust out with some Janet moves

Bey really nailed Janet

You cant look at this and not smile

Okay time to check out some of the best and most hilarious costumes of the season. I honestly can say Halloween always gives me a few good laughs and makes me look at people with the stank face ( while giving them the side eye).
We are all familiar with the photo on the right
And again we have the lame dude from ferguson Missouri

All I'm going to say is ( wowwww thats interesting )

They rocked the POWER PUFF girls look

This one came from the archives of Forrest Gump
Little Miss Anna Wintour #EditorInChief of #VogueMagazine
The fabulous Miss Olivia Pope #Scandal, homegirl even has the badge

Say hello to #CrazyEyes ( Orange is the new black )

crazy eyes part 2
Good ole Felicia from Friday #ByeFelicia


Hometown homie pulled off the infamous Mabel "madea" Simmons look

Asian food scares me

Mama I love you .... P-O-P hold it down... Pimp squad baby 4 life

My anaconda don't my anaconda don't

Little in the middle but she got much back

Nicki come get your folks

Proud family on deck ... It's Penny Proud miss ain't to proud to beg

Poetic justice flow

Nailed this poetic justice look

Chucky scares the heck out of me

Craig and smokey sitting on the front porch ... Yall already know the pic on the left is the DAMMMMN scene 😂😂

She was wrong for this ...

Pretty cool look

Emojis on deck

This is disturbing and why is the little girl touching his fake penis

Rolling across your page

She's too cute

And now the infamous looks from the #Beyhive ... The BEYONCE COSTUMES are always must a see. It's amazing to see how fabulous all the re-creations turn out. KUDOS to everyone

The Bday look

GQ 2013

I woke up like this #FLAWLESS
I woke up like this #FLAWLESS

Blue ivy at the VMAs

Blue Ivy at the VMAs part 2

Girls ( who run the world ) #OnTheRun

Flawless #OTR

Flawless #OTR

Run the world #TheMrsCarterShow

Terry Crews and Robin Roberts as Jay and Bey

the opening look for the On The Run tour was nailed

Grammys 2014

On The Run ( opening look )

Overall it looks like Halloween 2014 was a total success. The costumes were on point and it looks like events from the past 12 months were fully represented through the costumes this year. We had Beyonce's infamous grammy performance and her on the run tour, to the disgruntle black man in the green shirt from feguson along with the arrest of Donna G ( Miss POP hold it down). I also like how movies and characters from the past were recongnized to include the Poetic Justic and the Friday cast. I personallly was not able to dress up this year due to the fact that I am deployed but best believe next year it's going down and I'm bringing my A game.

I'm leaving yall with my favorite costume of the 2014 Halloween season

The revamp loo of Beyonce's 2014 VMA performance outfit * now I need someone to tell me who this girl is so I can hit her up and ask her a few questions about her awesome costume*

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous
Lela Victoria

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  1. Loving your pictures and the original and beautiful way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!