Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney's CINDERELLA 2015

I grew up in the Disney Princess era and longed to be like the young ladies that were depicted within the Disney movies. One of my favorite princesses was Cinderella. I loved Ella because even though she had a rough life and was mistreated by her stepmother she still chose to remain optimistic in her situation. She chose to find sunshine even on her cloudy days and that showed me that at a young age it was possible to look on the brighter side of things  and to see the LIGHT in a DARK situation. Disney's has recreated a modern day version of Cinderella and it is set to be released March 13, 2015. No longer is Cinderella in cartoon form, but she has now been brought to life.

I absolutely adore the glass slippers Ella is rocking in the trailer. Where can I get a pair?
I'm looking forward to Disney recreating their other movies as well. Below you will find the trailer. Enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

Remember To Always Be 
Fierce and  Fabulous
xoxo Lela Victoria

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