Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nicki Minaj's *ASSet* filled ANACONDA video

     Who does not LOVE being the talk of the town, better yet the talk of the COUNTRY and the music industry in particular. One of the women in the music industry who has had our attention lately has been the curvaceous NICKI MINAJ. About 2 weeks ago Nicki had our attention because of her provocative cover for her single ANACONDA, and now she has us talking once again. This time our attention is focused on the actual music video for ANACONDA. NICKI MINAJ released the video at midnight ( on 19 August). I personally knew about the release ahead of time, so I made sure to stay up to catch the music video as soon as it was premiered. Personally I am a fan of the song itself. I like the tempo and the upbeat tune and I just love how overall NICKI is enjoying herself.

 Essence sparked a lunchtime debate on twitter today where they asked the question whether or not it was okay for a female music artist to display women in a music video in a sexual manner. People had a problem with the song's cover so of course they are all in their feelings about this provacative video. I say if you have a problem with it DO NOT WATCH IT simply as that. The song samples " Sir Mix Alot's " BABY GOT BACK song and I'm more than sure the same people complaining about Nicki's ANACONDA, have no problem with BABY GOT BACK. She's a grown woman who loves herself and someone who does not mind showing off her curves so why not let her. I mean you can't argue that she's not a nice sight to see. NICKI and her curves are mind blowing.

Overall I loved the calm beginning, I adored the chair dancing scene. When NICKI appeared on my screen in the pink with dumbells, I almost fell over and last but not least THE DRAKE LAPDANCE. Drake was literally sitting in that chair looking like he wasnt ready for what NICKI was about to throw at him, and boy oh boy did homegirl back that thang up.

Hey Nicki can you teach me how to move like that girl. I can learn a thing or two from you.
check out some snapshots from the music video and the actual music video below.

I have been cracking up at everyone's reaction to the Anaconda video. I even had the pleasure of watching 3 males reaction's as they watched the music video tonight. I sat backed and watched their body movement and facial expressions. From bugged eyes, goofy smiles and open mouth stares, I got a good laugh out of them drooling over NICKI and her curves. KUDOS NICKI YOU WIN WE LOOSE ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What did you think about the video, let me know the good the bad and the ugly.




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