Friday, November 8, 2013

Tyson Beckford poses with TRANSGENDERED model

Looks like Tyson Beckford has taken his career to another level. He recently did a photo spread for OOB Magazine's Tropical Surrealism spread where he shares the camera with Transgendered model Ines Rau.

Ines is a 24 year old model NYC based model who is originally from France. This exotic beauty is of North African decent and looks so much like a female it is scary. Ines was born a male and over the years have transformed himself into a female and a mighty beautiful one I might add. I love how Tyson was able to do such a shoot and be totally comfortable with it. This shoot shows that there are no boundaries when it comes the modeling industry. Check out the photos below WARNING things might heat up.

These HOT and STEAMY photos were taken by Rodolpho Martinez

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Lela Victoria 

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