Thursday, March 8, 2012


Brandy Rayana Norwood has always been one of my favorite SINGERS and actresses. I grew up on Brandy and her character Moesha. Basically when I was a young girl I considered Brandy to be like the Big Sister I never had. I felt this way because I was the oldest of 10 kids on my mother side, so I never had an older sibling to look up to. I loved Brandy's style, voice, and her personality. Last but not least I loved her BRAIDS.

BRANDY will be releasing her 6th album June of 2012. She recently has announced that the title of her new album will be (TWO-ELEVEN). Two Eleven is significant to Brandy because it is her birthday and the day that her mentor the late Whitney Houston passed away. Brandy is dedicating her album to THE VOICE herself. Whitney and Brandy were extremely close, so close that a few days before Whitney passed she crashed an interview Brandy and Monica were doing with E! and gave Brandy a secret note.

I would like to wish BRANDY lots of success on her upcoming album, and I cant wait to purchase and support one of my favorite singers. Check out her new single IT ALL BELONGS TO ME feat Monica. Also follow BRANDY on TWITTER @4everBrandy

Love & Fierce


  1. I love the title of her album and its significance. #RIPWhitney

    1. I totally agree. She picked the perfect title.