Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thrift-Her Fashionista


That single word means so much to me. Through the art of FASHION I am able to express myself while also letting the world know how I feel. Although I love FASHION, sometimes keeping up with specific trends and specific designers such as ( Lela Rose, Mark Badgley, James Mischka, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, YvesSaintLauren, and Jeffrey Campbell) can be quite expensive. But the prices of clothes do not always hold us back. In order to counterattack extreme prices people have turned to thrifting. 

Thrifting (thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price

Thrifting gives you the ability to turn simple clothing items into HIGH FASHION/VINTAGE looks. You can also create simple outfits from items already in your wardrobe. Recently one of my friends has started thrifting and sharing her finds and creations online. Her outfits are so stellar, that I would definitely hire her as a personal stylist (YES SHE IS THAT GOOD). I decided to write a BLOG highlighting FASHION and her amazing skills. 

 Meet SKYY MILLER (fashionista)

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Skyy Miller is a 7 time All American and 2 time BIG 12 Champion, in the sport of Track and Field. She is an alumni of the University of Oklahoma, and originally is from Daytona Beach Florida.

Representing for Oklahoma track and field 

Below I will present a few of her outfits, let us know what you think, please leave a comment thanks.

She turned this Maxi dress with a Broken strap into a Sexy 2 piece. She states that this is an ensemble that she would wear out with the girls" She used the 1 strap & made a unique design & added a broken silver necklace to create another strap! The  silver clutch was 1.50$ from goodwill & that broken belt was 89cents! She made the slit up the side herself (LiveFashionForALowPrice!)
Skyy got her shorts out of the 99cent bin at goodwill because the top 2 buttons were completely ruined, she pinned them & tied her blouse on top of the pins! "Can't tell there broke huh" lol Her clutch came from the kids section for 50cent & her oversized shades where $2 from eBay "Korean fashion sunglasses" was the search on eBay

Skyy brought a grandmother skirt in the thrift store for $3.39 it had a built in slip. Shecut the slip in half & made a top. She put a bold split up the middle of the skirt & made it a high waist trendy skirt :Who needs money when u have style!!!      
Skyy purchased a dress on sale at Wet Seal for $5. She then proceed to turn it into a high waist skirt!! Her belt,Blouse & Mini purse came from Goodwill :-) She thinks Thrifting is my calling and I definitely agree with her.
 #ChicagoBulls SnapBack D.Roseing!!! Skyy's outfit cost $8  $3 Clutch & 4.50 For the shorts!!!
Skyy's tassel purse was inspired by Paris Hilton's Prada one, her purse was 10$ Top was $2 & jeans $5.50
As you have seen from the looks above, a high fashion look can be achieved at a very low price. Skyy can take a simple article of clothing and turn it into a magnificent high fashion piece. View the photos once more, take note, and start saving money. You can achieve a simple everyday look that appears as if it comes from the pages of a fashion magazine for a very low rate.

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  1. LOVE LOVE!! Thank you so much, this is very tasteful :)

    1. you are very welcome.. (it didnt take much work at all) especially since you already had captions for the pictures... (that made my life easier) ...