Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rihanna's Cover for her 7th album UNAPOLOGETIC

Rihanna seems to be the music artist that keeps on giving. This young songstress has yet to take a break since she has hit the music industry 7 years ago with her hit "Pon De Replay". This morning Rihanna released the cover of her 7th album entitled UNAPOLOGETIC. 


Unapologetic will be Rihanna's 7th album in 7 years and is set to hit stores November 19, 2012. On the cover Rihanna is rocking her newly cut short black hair, with a dark (maroon/brown) lip. She is displayed topless with words such as Victory, #Navy, Diamonds, Faith, ROC, Chalice, Fearless, Happy, Censore, Love, Side Effects, #R7, and Unapologetic written upon her body. Her most recent tattoo is also on display, this tattoo is a picture of Goddess Isis. Goddess Isis stands for Complete Woman and is a model for future generations. Rihanna got this tattoo in honor of her grandma Dolly who passed away this summer.

Unapologetic looks to be another winner for Rihanna. She currently has released one single off this album, which is entitled DIAMONDS.

Fierce & Love 

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