Monday, February 25, 2013

Poetic Justice Braids

ATTENTION EVERYONE, ATTENTION, our lovely Ms. Janet Jackson has been spotted at Milan's fashion week rocking her signature poetic justice braids, looking fabulous as ever.

(Jumbo) box braids have officially been deemed as the Poetic Justice Braids. Janet Jackson was one of the first celebrities to rock this look on the big screen in 1993 and since then the look has been apart of the black community. In the first part of the millennium the "Poetic Justice" braids died down and micro  braids came into style. Over the past year, the braids have resurfaced, and some people have had some negative things to say. I think the braids are awesome, it contributes to the versatility of hair in the black community and I am excited to see the originator rocking the braids once again. Don't be surprised if you see me rocking a set of my own braids in a few months.

Janet with her man "billionaire" Wissam al Mana

Also in recent news, rapper Kendrick Lamar has reached out to Ms. Jackson in hopes of having her make a guest appearance in his music video POETIC JUSTIC. Not only is the track called Poetic Justice, but it also samples parts of Janet Jackson's song ANYTIME ANYPLACE. 

Kendrick reached out to Janet by saying, "Janet, c’mon, Janet! No paperwork with the managers, contact the managers. This is artist to artist. This is a young boy that looked up to you for years. Please, yeah, video, Janet Jackson ‘Poetic Justice.’ It’ll only be right.

Unfortunately Janet did not want to participate in the video and left Kendrick hanging. I personally wish she would have appeared in the video, but hey  I guess she had her reasons not too. 



  1. 1.Janet's husband is fine and it's about time she got married again.

    2. That top photo, with the high ponytail, isn't too flattering on her. She's too old to be wearing a ponytail that high up on her head. Poetic Justice is like 20 years old and 'Pac is dead, so imma need her to leave that pony alone.

    3. The other photos are a lot nicer, but I still don't know if the whole box braid look is for her at this age. IDK...

    1. I think the high pony looks so weird because she's had that plastic surgery, If she still looked like she did in the movie Poetic Justice then it probably would have work.

      GIRLLLLLLLL that man is FIONE ..... ms janet picked him

  2. I'll say I'm a fan of the braids..on some people. Is it safe to say that there should be an age limit to the hairstyle? Maybe..I guess as long as it's flattering then I really don't have a problem with it.
    When I first heard the song, I was thinking that she should be featured in the video in some. It would have been nice to see her in it, but like you said, I guess she had her own reasons for turning it down.