Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beyonce's Pepsi *MIRRORS/GROWN WOMAN* Commercial

Today is an exciting day for me only because I'm a BeyStan. Today marks 5 years of Beyonce's and Jayz's union together. I'm a huge Bey fan and basically I just tolerate JayZ. Beyonce loves to tease her fan, I swear she does. This morning at 9am eastern time, Beyonce released her newest Pepsi Commercial.

This commercial is absolutely amazing. I'm not even being over the top at the moment. This video truly shows how amazing Bey really is and it shows us how versatile she is. The commercial starts off with her practicing a new dance routine. She then seems a bit frustrated and proceeds to take a break and have a drink of Pepsi

* honestly no one drinks Pepsi in the middle of rehearsal, that is so unrealistic*
(But back to Bey)

While she is drinking the Pepsi, she notices a reflection of herself dressed in the attire from her Bootylicious video. It is a pink 70s looking outfit. Immediately behind her in another mirror she sees herself from her "Crazy In Love" video dressed in red pumps, blue jeans shorts and a white tank top. And then to the left she she's herself in her "Single Ladies" attire, which consist of a black leotard, her signature single ladies hump, and her mettalic silver/golden hand.

After this scene her and all the Beyonce's from the past proceed to dance to a new routine, while also doing the routines from there prescribed video. The dance also continues on with other past looks of Beyonce to include, Deja Vu, Love On Top, and Work It Out.  The commercial ends with Beyonce saying

"Embrace your past but live for now"

The song that was playing in this video, will more than likely be a single on Beyonce's next album, and I am already in love with this song. Honestly this commercial did not focused on Pepsi, it was soley centered around Beyonce, which i have no gripes and complaints about it, and I look forward to the release of the entire single and Bey's newest album. BEYHIVE stand up, keep doing great things Beyonce, and have fun in CUBA (yeah i know where she's at for her anniversary, what type of STAN wouldnt know)

Fierce and Love

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