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Rachel Dolezal and her portrayal of a Black Woman

Being a BLACK WOMAN is no joke, and to see it being portrayed by someone who is non black seems to be so scandalous to me. On June 11, 2015 news surfaced that the current President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP " Rachel Dolezal" was a caucasian woman who had been lying and portraying herself to be a BLACK WOMAN. There's nothing wrong with a person who's not of color leading a NAACP Chapter but to lie in the process is where I draw the line.

Personally Rachel Dolezal gets no love from me. She does not get to pass GO and collect $200 dollars. Now I will say I respect her for the work and advocacy she's done for the Black community but that's it, that's where my respect for her ends. Her false portrayal of a BLACK WOMAN is an insult to BLACK WOMEN world wide. How dare she make up stories about how she has been discriminating against her entire life.

 Her secret was revealed to us by her birth parents who state that they are of European decent ( German Czech) to be exact. Her parents can be seen speaking the issue at the link below.

I have no idea why her parents SNITCHED on her but I am happy that they did.

Upon discovering a fake in the system there was a wide variety of reactions. I myself was actually pissed and heated and did not appreciate the fact that some woman made a mockery of my cultural and heritage.

My entire reasoning for not respecting this woman and welcoming her with open arms is due to the fact that she's a LIAR and DECEITFUL. How can you ever believe anything she ever says if she could not even be honest about who her true self. I can list numerous reasons on why she's such a disgrace but I'll only leave you with a few.

1. She made up stories about her family receiving death threats from the KKK, neo nazis, and Aryan nation. She personally wrote notes and filed false police reports. If you think about the extent she went to, it makes her seem really crazy.

2. She taught a course entitled "The Struggle of Being a Black Woman", EXCUSE me but what does Rachel Dolezal truly know about being black. Did she grow up as a little black girl in America? Did she have to deal with the colorism issues that little dark girls and little light girls go through? Did she have to deal with her family getting treated as second class citizens in her own country? Did she become a woman while being black and have to deal with the stereotypes America throws your way as a BLACK WOMAN. You can't falsely portray yourself as one of us and slide into our community. That is not how it works. She also taught other Africana classes that could have been taught by someone who actually was of the culture. BLACK WOMEN in the academia world is rare and for her to take a potential opportunity away from a REAL BLACK WOMAN is disheartening.

3. Rachel sat on panels and participated in speaking gigs where she spoke on what it is like to be a Black Woman. How is she qualified to speak on my struggles? How is she qualified to speak about the struggles of my mother and my sisters?

4. Her false portrayal was disrespectful to BLACK WOMEN world wide and was a slap in the face.

5. She made up stories about her parents being abusive. She depicted the black family in a negative light when she never even experienced that to begin with. She help contribute to the stereotypes of the black family. She's suppose to be the President of prominent organization yet she took part in tearing down the black family.

To to the left is a status written by Ashley Jacobs which states,

 "This woman was given PAID speeches about her experience of growing up and being a black woman. Do you understand how little people listen to the stories of black women, and how many black women's stories weren't told because she took their space? She was making money off the lie that she personally understood the pain black women faced in society"

Can't no one tell me she was not a CON ARTIST. It makes me question is she really for the Black Community and their struggle or was she here just to get paid.

Many people disagree with the entire situation here are a few tweets from BLACK TWITTER and other concerned citizens. 

I personally can't rock with what Rachel is doing because its simply not right. I have a right not to accept it. What I don't understand is why are people comparing what she did to being Transgendered. There's no way I can wake up tomorrow and say to myself " hmmm I think I'm going to pose and portray myself as a white woman for the next ten years" I can't do that but I can take testosterone and physically on the outside ( minus the penis, the sperm, and the adams apple) and become a man. Changing your gender can not be related to changing one's race. 

During the Jim Crow era and many decades after that it was illegal for a black person who was half white to pose as a white citizen. They had white blood flowing through their veins and couldn't go to the other side. Rachel has not one drop yet we are suppose to except a CON ARTIST (nope, no get out jail free card for her). 

Even though many disliked any and everything Rachel Dolezal stood for there were still a few delusional individuals who actually support her crazy antics 

Of course after the outrage BLACK TWITTER would find a way to turn the situation into a joke and so began the hashtag #AskRachel. These were a series of questions that Rachel would need to answer to validate her blackness. All the questions are in someway related to the Black Community and I found them to be quite hilarious.

Rachel was interviewed on Friday June 12 and she says she identifies and considered herself black and not African American, well damn I didn't know they were that different in America because regardless if you have REAL melanin in your skin, you are subject to receive discrimination. That's 101 BEING BLACK IN AMERICA. I honestly do not think she would have gotten away with this for as long as she did if she was trying to pull this charades in the south instead of the north west. Y'all know somebody down here would have been like ( chile who are your folks, and who's baby are you, what part of town your mama them from) SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN EXPOSED, she can fool those north west folks all she want to. 

FROM A BLACK GIRL to a Wanna Be Black Girl I'm not here for it Rachel Dolezal.  Give me back my identity Rachel. You can not sit with us. No Liars Allowed, we only want people who are true to themselves and we don't accept those who choose to wear a mask. 

I'll leave you with a few memes to laugh at 

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous
xoxo Lela Victoria

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