Friday, May 11, 2012

I Got The Hottest Chick In The Game Wearing My Chain

Has giving birth to " BLUE IVY " and becoming a mother, changed the QUEEN BEY?  On January 7, 2012 Beyoncé gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and since then she has seen to be a different and more open person. She still keeps some aspects of her life private. The couple decided to reveal photos of BLUE IVY about a month after she was born.

Beyoncé has also created a personal TUMBLR account where she reveals personal intimate pictures of herself and her family.

THE LATEST surprise that Beyoncé has revealed to us was a photo where she appears to be partially nude rocking a chain (apparently its Jay Z's chain). I would like to say KUDOS to Beyoncé on being more open and being yourself. Your STANS really appreciate all that you have done and will do. We love you Beyoncé keep the fierceness coming mama... Check out the picture below.

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