Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celebrate "WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY" with Beyonce

Today is August 19, 2012 (AKA) WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY

Beyonce has teamed up with the UNITED NATIONS and has taking a pledge to spread the word to 1 BILLION people to go out and do something small or big for man kind
She also has dedicated her song I WAS HERE to this important cause.

"We all want to know that our lives meant something to someone else"...(BEYONCE)

The message is very simple is that if we all do something (whether it be small or big) in the end it will have a major effect on society

Even though I'm writing writing this BLOG at 5pm the day is far from over and you can still go out and make a difference in the world.

Many people have asked me WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BEYONCE FAN? I am a BEY STAN because she does things like this that are outside of her music. She goes above and beyond and I admire her for that.

ON 10 AUGUST at the United Nations General Assembly, Beyoncé SANG “I Was Here” to more than 1,200 fans, celebrities, humanitarian workers and dignitaries. The video for the song, which Beyoncé and song-writer Diane Warren donated to the campaign, was set to be filmed for premiere in honor of World Humanitarian Day.

"Everyone can be a humanitarian. All it takes is one act to help someone else. That’s the spirit of people helping people,” said United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos, speaking at the event, which was hosted by television journalist Anderson Cooper and showcased the work of humanitarian aid workers around the world.

THANK YOU BEYONCE for always going above and beyond. We definitely know that you were here.

Fierce and Love
Lela Victoria

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