Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Voice

I’m walking down the street to my own beat
Of the drum that only I can hear don’t run
Stay here with me and come along on this journey maybe it will set you free
Or just let you see the hypocrisy of our society in 3d.
Who am I you ask well just let me state a few facts.
I’m that girl yes I said a maturing young adult who at times stumbles and falls and maybe even crawlS
Sometimes I just want to bawl my eyes  out and SHOUT!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE
 I am not the STATISTICS that you know so very well….HELL I’ve overcame it.
Or at least the hard part that is since I don’t have any kids and I finished high school
And let the rural south my journey has taken me to a state that resides past the white house.
But I always look back hoping to help those who have not overcome who still deals with the guns and violence
And sometimes silence of that hard knock life and who just want to give up on the fight.
But I will not let them. I mean I just cant so as you sit here and listen to me go on – on this rant
Just know you will never figure me out, as I go about my journey throughout life.
I will try as I might to fulfill my dreams. To walk the cat walk and help change the law.
But first I work to demolished everything negative that you have ever thought about me
You see even though I have two strikes against me
Im not mad at the world as though it appears I maybe. You’ve heard I’m Loud rude and uneducated that’s a few
But honestly I am a DIVA
I am DIVINELY INSPIRED and VICTORIOUSLY ANNOINTED. I hope you get my point and give me the respect I deserve
As I rise above the word and lies that are heard. I am just trying to prove you wrong and string you along.
I’m no longer walking down the street anymore I’m running and soon I will SOAR

-Lela Victoria (Shalela Dowdy)

you can find my poem in the "BLACK COLLEGIAN

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