Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romeo has definitely dropped the "Lil"

My first celebrity crush on a boy who was actually my age was lil Romeo (PERCY ROMEO MILLER JR) . I enjoyed some of  lil BowWow's music but I was definitely not head over heels for the dude. Now me and ROMEO were another story. He was such a cutie pie. The first actual CD I owned was his debut album and I wore that thing out. He was introduced to us at the age of 11 and I just so happen to be the same age as him. His debut song "MY BABY" was a hit

For those of you who did not know after high school Romeo went to college at USC ( the University of Southern  California) and was a member of the school's basketball team.
Unfortunately from the looks of things, I dont think he graduated from USC. Now adays you can catch him on your tv screen. He was recently in the movie Jumping the Broom trying to push up on Tasha Smith. And most recently he played a youngster  pursuing an older woman in the VH1 hit series Single Ladies. Below you can find ROMEO and you can definitely see that he is no longer little.

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