Thursday, July 19, 2012


When I think about the art of music many names come to mind, and one of those names is Whitney Houston. The voice of Whitney was magical it sends chills down my spine, and makes me want to sing along 'THAT IS IF I KNOW THE WORDS"

She was truly a gift from GOD and I still can not believe we lost such a magnificent woman at such a young age. When I found out that she had died, my heart literally dropped to my stomach. I just wanted it to be a rumor, it was something that I did not want to accept. But the reality was that she had left this earth spiritually with only her body remaining.

With her passing it was finally acknowledged that both the king (michael jackson) and the queen of pop had both passed away. I took her passing really hard, and cried all day of her funeral.

One reason I felt so sad was because growing up I sung Whitney Houston's song like she was going out of style. In my first talent show I sung her song "The Greatest Love of All". She really left a big impression on me growing up as a young child.


I just wanted to share with my friends, family, and the world my feelings on such a special person to me . We will always Love you Whitney

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