Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BEYONCE rocking the braids

     Anyone who has anything negative to say about braids, must not know about Solange and BEYONCE . For the past few months Solange has been seen out and about rocking box braids and now BEYONCE has followed up right behind her and has gotten some of her own.

Last night (July 17, 2012) Beyonce was seen at Nas' "Life is Good" dinner sporting some blonde box braids on her own. She taking it back to her Destiny Child days and looked mighty good doing so.

Beyonce out and about with #BlueIvy

Beyoncé rocks an Aztec HOD Summer 12" rompe

she looks so pretty looks as if she's only rocking lipstick

I love the many hairstyles that we as African American women rock from day to day, and I am really excited to see my girl Beyonce switching it up a bit.

So for anyone who thinks that natural hair and weaves(sew ins) are the only hair styles that are hot PLEASE think again, BRAIDS are not dead. I love braids and will gladly rock some in the near future.

I have to give myself a break from BRAIDS after wearing them for 7 of the 8 semesters I was in college. 

Once again shoutout to my girl Beyonce and I cant wait for your new album. Below you will find pictures of BEYONCE at Nas' party last night

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