Friday, December 7, 2012

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012

Victoria Secret 
provides many women with the opportunity to be BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, AND CONFIDENT. The SuperModels also known as Angels all possess these three qualities. Every year as it nears near the annual fashion show I get super excited to watch some of the most beautiful girls that the world has to offer work the VS runway. I get to live out my dream through them and imagine that, that's me  strutting on that runway of GLITTER. As a a young girl growing up in America, I saw Victoria Secret a lot from the catalogs to the stores in the malls. I also got my first glance of the organization through its tantalizing commercials. The VICTORIA SECRET commercials are one of a kind so sexual and sensual. I actually use to call Victoria Secret my store because it had VICTORIA in it and that's my middle name. I thought I was the only one with Victoria in my name. Even as an adult I still feel a special connection to that store, I might even name one of my daughters Victoria. 

Victoria Secret was founded by Roy Raymond in the year of 1977 in the city of San Francisco. Roy initially started the company because of a previous shopping experience where he felt embarrassed purchasing lingerie for his wife at a department store. His initial strategy was to sale lingerie to male customers, but after Limited Stores took over the company they changed the company's strategy and focused primarily on selling to female customers. 

The company started its annual VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW in 1995. The initial viewing was done through webcast and these cast turned out to be a complete failure. On December 4, 2012 Victoria Secret aired its 17 viewing of the VSFashionShow and it was a success. Although the showed aired in December it was originally held in New York City in early November. The showed featured 6 themes which were Circus, Dangerous Liaisons, Calendar Girls, Pink, Silver Screen Angels and Angels in Bloom. The show also featured 3 performers who each performed 2 songs. Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Justin Beiber all performed. I was so stoked to see Robyn Fenty on that runway doing her thing. 

Okay now its time to talk about the main attraction. THE FASHION SHOW. The very first theme of the 2012 show was CIRCUS

The Lucky Angel who was given the opportunity to start the show was none other than the RING MASTER herself Adriana Lima. She is one of my favorite Angels and has been apart of the VS family since 2000. This Brazilian beauty has some of the most hypnotizing eyes known to mankind.

I love this entire design, from the knee high boots to the high waisted panty, this particular outfit screams POWER AND CONTROL and they had the perfect Angel to wear it. 

Adriana Lima (RINGMASTER)
Alessandra  Ambrosio (star light star bright, in the spotlight) 
Doutzen Kroes (sexiness is no trick) 
Barbara Palvin (clown)
Izabel Goulart (snake hypnotizer)
Toni Garrn (balloon girl )
Joan Smalls (Tiger Tamer) 
Miranda Kerr (seeing stars; angel)
Candice (light to fly)
Karlie Kloss (target; aims to please)
Liu Wen (sexiest tattoo lady in history)
Erin Heatherton (marquee)

The second theme of the show was Dangerous Liaisons. I honestly did not understand this theme. Rihanna performs and she sings #DIAMONDS the first model comes out and proceeds to do a nice slow, sexual, and sensual walk. The entire time Rihanna performs she flirts with the girls. 
My favorite look was Isabeli, she killed the BLACK AND WHITE look. 

Behati Prinsloo (gilded angel wings)
Lily Donaldson (yellow Lily)
Constance Jablonski (little opulence)
Miranda Kerr (leading nominee in the sweetest smile category)
Shanina Shaik (blue wings and shiny things) 
Sui He (runway royalty)
Bregje Heinen (Bregje does Baroque n' Roll)
Magdalena Frackowiak (strut in those stripes) 
Isabeli Fontana (black and white all over)
Doutzen Kroes (no cage in the world can hold all her sexiness)

The third theme was CALENDAR GIRLS and Bruno Mars was the performer. During this particular walk each girl wore a lingerie themed outfit that represented each month of the year. As I was watching the girls walk I realized that there was no representation of NOVEMBER. My initial reaction was, WOW Victoria Secret completely skipped November. Could they not think of anything for that month.  I'm sure they could have came up with a sexy turkey or pilgrim outfit, only Victoria Secret can make something average into something ultra sexy. I also considered the possibility that maybe Miss November tripped and fell and got edited from the show. Thanks to one of my friends ( Chanelle ) who reminded me about the Native American issue. The November Angel wore a Native American headdress which members of this culture found to be offensive. Only the males are designated to wear this particular item within the Native American culture. In other news, Miss New Years was missing her hat and was hesitant to walk but she pulled it off while grabbing her hair while working the runway  Here's the lost ANGEL (Karlie Kloss).

Erin Heatherton (New Years) 
Candice Desnrporl (Valentine)
Hilary Rhoda (Clover)
Cameron Russell (April Showers) 
Frida Gustavsson (Sunny Days for May; Cinco de Mayo)
Lindsay Ellingson (sexy little bride) 
Lily Aldrige (American Beauty) 
Barbara Fialho (Beauty and the Beach)
Izabel Goulart (VS cheeleader) 
Behati Prinsloo (witch for a broom; witch ) 
Barbara Palvin (Sexy Ms. Clause) 

The Fourth theme is PINK. This particular portion of Victoria Secret caters to young, and college age females. The undergarments are not as sexy as the items in the VS Incredible and VS Body collection. Justin Beiber was the performer during this segment. The pink runway was set up like a pin ball slot machine and as always this portion of the show is full of color and cute lingerie and I love it. My favorite look was from the British model JOURDAN DUNN she was dressed in attire that resembled a robot. She capped her walk off with actually doing robotic moves at the end of the runway and KILLED IT. That could have definitely gone wrong but definitely worked in Jourdan's favor.

Jessica Van Der Steen (petal to the metal)
Leva (Lagunamokey's around) 
Elsa Hosk (rocks to the pink nation) 
Maud Welzen( Alice in wonderland) 
Shu Pei (Walk on the Wild side) 
Sharam Diniz(Sexy & Country) 
Cara Delevingne (Sweet in Candy Stripes) 
Jacquelyn Jablonski (marches to the beat of her own drum) 
Dorothea Barth Jorgensen(all fun and games)
Jourdan Dunn (Robot)

The Fifth theme is Silver Screen Angels and Bruno Mars performs once again. My favorite look in this them was the BLACK DIAMOND look that Lindsay Ellingson rocked. The wings that she wore were so commanding. 

Lindsay Ellingson (black diamonds)
Sui He (art deco inspired)
Doutzen Kroes (Diamonds are a girl's best friend) 
Hilary Rhoda (platinum to silver)
Bregje Heinen (feathers are perfectly ruffled) 
Cameron Russell (high shine sparkle)
Magdalena Frackowiak (Ta-da she makes quite the interest)
Lily Donaldson (Fetch me mycouture)
Miranda Kerr (halo of white feathers) 
Joan Smalls (boudoir to runway ready)

The last theme of the 2012 show was ANGELS IN BLOOM. The ladies portrayed different types of flowers, and looked hot while doing so. Rihanna performed one final time and graced us with a performance of a song which I'm sure will be her next single PHRESH OFF THE RUNWAY. Towards the end of the song Rihanna does her runway walk down the glittery array that lies before her and knocks the walk out of the park. My favorite look of this theme was the petal parasol look portrayed by Jasmine 

Candice Swanepoel (shrinking violet)
Shanina Shaik (stunning vine like creation) 
Alessandra Ambrosio (2.5 MILLION FLORAL FANTASY BRA) 
Isabeli Frackowiak (Di-VINE)
Jasmine Tookes(petal parasol)
Lily Aldrige (Lily pad) 
Karlie Kross (goes green)
Behati Prinsloo (stunning orchid) 
Toni Garrn(garden variety)
Andriana Lima (fantastic in florals) 

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is the most glamorous show that any model can partake in, and is considered an honor.OVERALL I think there could have been more black girls. It would be nice to see Victoria Secret a bit more diverse. 

When you think of VICTORIA SECRET you think about 
Walking the GLITTERY RUNWAY, THE SLOW motion camera, the Sexy wave and runway kisses

Tell me you love me, tell me you want me, excite me, delight me, tell me there/s no other woman in the world like me

The show will re-air on December 12, 2012

PS my favorite Angel will always be the lovely TYRA BANKS 



  1. I love the breakdown you did of the fashion show!

    1. thanks ari .. girl this blog took forever ... mainly because of the break down and having to find every single look that was shown in the show