Saturday, January 12, 2013

Destiny's Child new 2013 *single* NUCLEAR

My favorite girl group is back at it. After an 8 year hiatus from the music industry DC3 has returned. I am overjoyed that my girls are back. I grew up with these ladies, I remember the days when me, my sisters,  and friends, use to play Destiny Child when we were younger and I had to fight for the right to play Beyonce. (YALL KNOW I HAD TO BE THE STAR OF THE SHOW).

They really tried to make me play Kelly (who I adore).  I was tall and dark skinned therefore I was given all of Kelly's parts but I was not having. No offense for not wanting to play her, but we all know BEYONCE had all the parts so I had to steal the spotlight.

 The newly released single has been given the song title  NUCLEAR and was produced by Pharrell. The track has an early 90s feel, which happens to be an era of music I enjoy.

The group is set to have an album released Jan 29, 2013 entitled LOVE SONGS. Unfortunately the album has a slight twist, it is a mixture of old and new tracks. I really wish it was all new material, but at this point I will take what I can get. Check out Destiny's Child newest single below. This is also the song they are set to perform at the SUPERBOWL. I'm in love with the year of 2013 already, I can not wait to see what Beyonce has in store for us.

Fierce & Love 

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