Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beyonce ties Dolly Parton for most Grammy nominations for a female artist

Like always Beyonce is making history and this time she didn't even have to do much but lend her beautiful voice to her husband Sean " Jay Z " Carter 

Jay and Bey are nominated for best rap collaboration for their song On the run ( part II) which is a spin off from their song Bonnie and Clyde. This nomination gives Beyonce her 46th nominations and ties her with Dolly Parton for most nominated female. It's amazing that beyonce can still come out on top and the last time she released an album was 2011. Congrats Beyonce and bring home the win so that your Grammy count can go from 17 to 18. We are rooting for you. 

Jay leads the pack in the rap game by earning himself 9 Grammy Nominations. He also has another song in the best rap collaboration category ( Holy grail featuring Justin Timberlake) 

Jay Z is the man to beat this year on the rap side of the house. He has nominations for Best Rap Song, Best Rap collaboration, and Best Rap Album. Let's see if he can beat out Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar ( the two newest rap artist who have been at the top of their game this year ) 

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