Thursday, December 11, 2014

MISANDRIST by SkyyT * Book Review*

Okay Let me let warn you now, if you have not read an URBAN book, you might not be able to handle MISANDRIST because it simple goes there.

First off Skyy taught me a new word. I had no idea what a MISANDRIST was. Being that MISANDRIST was a short story there isn't time to play around and beat around the bush. The story started in the middleof an intense scene and from the beginning drew me in and had my like DAMN. The story continues to keep its upbeat tempo and as it progress the author has me on the edge of my seat anticipating whats next to come.

Being that it is a short story the author has to aim to keep the readers attention. SkyyT did an excellent job at capturing the reader from the beginning and giving them the suspense desired to carry them to the end. She provides the reader with a captivating intro and provides the drama that is necessary for a short read. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who loves a good Urban Fiction read.

The short story was originally available on AMAZON for $1.00 but is currently free for a short limited time. Check out the short story and please leave a review on the amazon website for the author and let her know what you think.

Congratulations on the publication of your first short story Skyy.



Scottesha "Skyy" Miller (January-14-1988) A Haitian American Female Born in Daytona Beach Florida. SkyyT Is new to the writing industry and taking every new experience 1 step at a time. Skyy has managed to become a self published Author with her own Publishing company "Terrell Publishing" Her motto is "Always Be your own Boss"

More Interesting Facts About Author SkyyT: University Of Oklahoma Alumni (2007-2011) , 2014-2015 "First Black" Miss American Beauty, 4 Time National "Pageant" Champ, Miss Aux Caye, Miss Black Haiti International, Miss Florida American Beauty, Miss American Beauty. 8x All American (Track & Field)

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