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Beauty is a subject area that can be viewed in many different ways. We first get stuck at the initial question " WHAT IS BEAUTY" Is it lighter skin, longer hair and light eyes? Or is it full lips, curly hair and dark eyes. Whatever it may be beauty comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. Beauty is a combination of looks, poise and confidence. Beauty can sometimes be overwhelming but if it is captured in the right light and in the right atmosphere it is the essence of its name and that is  BEAUTIFUL.

I have the pleasure of knowing someone who is both BEAUTIFUL inside and out. She is hardworking, caring and has such a free spirit. She has an aurora about her that's pleasant to be around and sees things in a different light.

I would like to introduce to you, your MISS AMERICAN BEAUTY 2014-2015, Miss Scottesha Miller. She goes by Skyy and hails from Daytona, Florida. Skyy is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma "class of 2011" where she was an All American Track and Field athlete.

On November 29, 2014 in San Antonio, Texas she was awarded the title of Miss American Beauty 2014-2015 after a rigorous day of events that included having to complete an interview, being judge in swimwear or fitness attire, and rocking an awesome evening gown in front of the judges. She was also judged on her stage presence throughout the entire pageant.

I wanted to capture Skky's pageant experience and asked her a few questions below 

Skyy did you do anything extra to prepare for the pageant?

I decided to focus on fitness and my body. Not only did I want to look my best for the pageant but I also want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also took the time to do some research on pageants and looked at what type of gowns were being worn in the pageant circuit along with what would be an acceptable head shot. From there I use what I learned from my research and implemented it within the pageant I participated in. 

Did you have any issues/obstacles that happened during the pageant that you had to overcome?

Yes I unfortunately lost my shoes. While at the pageant I look in my box and my shoes were gone. I think I ended up leaving them in my hotel room or on the bus. My shoe size happens to be a size 8 but I ended up having to wear a size 6. Thanks to Miss Fit American Beauty for lending a helping hand. 

When you realized you won the titled what was the first thing that you thought and how did you feel? 

I was talking not expecting to win, I don't know I  just didn't feel my best BUT I did win, I felt elated & surprised but I was alone so the win wasn't as special 

Now that you have the title what are you looking forward to the most as Miss American Beauty 2014-2015?

I'm looking forward to becoming a household name and bringing awareness and exposure to my businesses, I will use this will as a platform. 

Congratulations Skyy on your phenomenal win you hard work and dedication definitely paid off. Enjoy your reign and keeping doing amazing things.

If you would like to keep up with her reign and follow her journey


Remember To Always Be 
Fierce and Fabulous 
xoxo Lela Victoria 

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