Friday, April 3, 2015

*NEW MUSIC* JEALOUS REMIX ( Beyonce feat Chris Brown)

Just when I was craving for some new Beyonce music #BOOM she drops the remix to Jealous featuring Chris Brown. Now usually I'm not a Chris Brown fan because ole dude has been and can be wreck-less but I will admit he does make some great music and I can appreciate that. I will definitely give credit where it is due.

Breezy can be found on the Jealous Remix showing his sensitive and insecure side about how he doesn't want Bey interacting with her ex's

First of all I love how his verse starts off with "QUEEN BEY IM TRIPPING" I heard that and was like "yassssssss you better say that, you better call her queen" I literally had a stan moment.  I was so infatuated with how he said QUEEN BEY I didn't even hear his entire verse and had to listen to it multiple times. Chris states that the song was suppose to be released on Beyonce's recent collaboration album. I'm more than sure he's referring to her Platinum addition to her fifth album that she released November 2014. Give the song a listen and let me know what you think of Beyonce's and Chris Brown's collaboration.

Overall I love the remix and Chris's verse was just what the remix needed. It would have been cool if Beyonce would have threw in a new verse herself, but I'll take it

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous
Lela Victoria

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