Saturday, April 16, 2016


THIS IS NOT A DRILL, BeyHive, and all you other folks who secretly adore BEYONCE get in formation and get in formation NOW. Beyonce gave us a 7 day ( one week notice) that she is coming for your sanity and your favorite's fav.

BEYONCE, is about to GIVE IT TO US ALL. She just changed her cover picture on Facebook to a black and white picture of LEMONADE and posted a video where she repeatedly says WHAT AM I GOING TO DO on Facebook, youtube, and instagram. From Watermelon to Lemonade I hope y'all ready to get slayyyyyyyyyyyed.

OMG I am literally freaking out, what does this mean? Is this #B6?
I do recall seeing chatter of LEMONADE ON TWITTER.
And sometimes last year Beyonce posted a picture of her smelling a LEMON, she's always throwing hints that I tend to catch a little too late.

A Copy of this track list was floating around twitter and LEMONADE was on the list. I think we are onto something

Be sure to check out LEMONADE Saturday April 23, 2016 8c/9e

Additionally if you have any major events planned for April 23 you might want to rescheduled it around Beyonce. That would include weddings, birthdays, and funerals, and that would be because #LEMONADE is that serious 

As soon as I get more details I'll update the BLOG and let y'all know.

Check out her website, things are moving fast BEYONCE

Meanwhile, let me try to remain calm. Never mind that's not going to work....OMG what does LEMONADE stand for

Remember To Always Be 
Fierce and  Fabulous 
Lela Victoria

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