Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beyonce shakes up 2013 ( rocks a short hair do)

The Queen Bey has made a recent change to her look and like always everyone has something to say both negative and positive. 

I personally like the new look on Beyonce, and I don't know why everyone is so shocked, we saw her with short hair in Cadillac Records when she portrayed the late Etta James and even after that filming she rocked that short look for a while. 

Black women are known for changing up their look, I mean hey that's what we do. As always people feel the need to critique  bey and what she chooses to do with HER hair. The haters are definitely out bringing the negative energy, Check out some of the comments 

I personally love the look, it's something new different and fresh. Her natural hair was long before this but black people feel the need to be so negative and say she didn't have any hair. ( That's one thing you don't do to a black girl, and that's call her bald headed) 

Beyonce's stylist Kim Kimble sets the rumors straight about bey's real hair

Beyonce's roots are black in the picture so it looks like she cut her real hair. I'm interested in seeing what she's going to do for the rest of her tour. She's known for flipping her hair, a couple hundred times while performing so this will definitely add a twist to things.  I want to see Beyonce set it off and perform with her short new do. KUDOS Beyonce for keeping us on our toes. Keep doing you girl 

                            Stay Fierce & Fabulous
                            Lela Victoria 

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