Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Honestly I think everyone who is bashing and down talking  Miley Cyrus's MTV VMAs  performance are being over the top and dramatic. Gosh let her live and do what she want. Disney is in her past and she does not have to be the perfect role model if she does not want to.

I do not think there was anything wrong with the Miley Cyrus performance. Honestly we have seen performances that were way more raunchier than what Miley did. I mean I saw this coming and you all should have seen it coming also. Have you not see Miley's video for "CANT STOP" she's acting a fool in her video, therefore I would expect her to act outrageous in a live performance of "Cant Stop" And although much of America thought Miley's performance was horrible SHE'S BEING CAREFREE and having fun. That's what life is all about these days we are carefree and we do what we want. As long as no one is not being harm I don/t see anything wrong with what people do.

Okay lets talk about the way Miley was dancing on Robin Thicke. He knew what was up once she stepped out of that bear on stage. He posted himself up being Miley Cyrus so she could dance on him.  Everyone knew coming into the VMAs Sunday night that Miley Cyrus was going to do some type of twerking. The video for Robin Thick's song "Blurred Lines" is a bit on the sexy side, there are females walking around NAKED in his song. Therefore Miley parading around the stage half naked also was not an issue with me. I was not shocked by this>>>> check Robin's video below. 

AMERICA needs to realize that Miley Cyrus is a GROWN WOMAN she can do whatever she wants. She is 20 and no longer a teenager therefore she's responsible for her own decisions and whatever image she portrays. I wish some American's would stop acting like they live the perfect life and stop passing judgment upon Miley. I'm sure she doesn't care one bit anyways. KUDOS to you Miley for being the talk of the night. You obviously did something right. Keep doing you and having fun. And I also as a black female do not feel as if Miley demoralize the image of the black woman. Some people need to chill out with the foolish talk 

Fierce and Love 

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