Friday, August 23, 2013

Lee Daniel's The Butler #MovieReview

Today (August 23, 2013) I went and saw Lee Daniel's newest movie THE BUTLER. Okay before someone passes judgment upon me let me give you gals and guys my excuse for being an entire week late. I know the movie premiered August 16, 2013 but I could not go see the movie and support premiere weekend due to the fact that I was in the field doing Army training which consisted of me not going home at night and sleeping on a cot in a tent.

I went and saw the Butler at noon today and I went in thinking the theatre was going to be empty but I walked in and it was filled with elderly people . Hmmmm so that's what the old people do during the week day on a friday *I'm joking*

I enjoyed the movie, simply because it tells our history. The history of America that is not so great. The history that some people like to pretend does not exist. The history that made us who we are today. The history that still effects living people today.

The Black Domestic worker plays a vital role in American history. The Butler to me is what THE HELP was to women. It showed black men and women serving white people and the struggles our people endured while they were servants. The Butler and the maid go hand in hand and Lee Daniels was able to portray how they are similar. As a domestic worker you had to look those who you were serving in the eye to see what they wanted and needed. You were there to please and to satisfy those you were working for.

The Butler had me in tears from the beginning of 1926 to the end in 2008 . Seeing Cecil Gaine's father gunned down in the cotton field broke my heart. No one should see their parents killed especially as a young child. I enjoyed and hated seeing how my people fought and struggled so I can have the rights that I have today. The movie was definitely informative and much can be learned from it. This movie was filled with RAW emotions that I felt reaching out at me through the theatre screen. Seeing Oprah interact with Forest Whitaker was interesting and it showed the ups and downs that are endured within a relationship. It DEFINITELY was weird seeing Terrence Howard all over OPRAH. I literally wanted to cover my eyes on that part. But Terrence is in his 40s and Oprah is pushing 60 so I guess isn't too bad.

Seeing the growth and journey of Cecil's son Louis shows us how the Black Community changed with each decade. From fighting for equal rights, to the right to vote, to the Black panther movement, to the movement in South Africa with Mandela. We got to see just how much America changed throughout the years.  Also One of my favorite models from cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model Yaya Dacosta played the female friend of Louis and she did a great job, and as you can see Ms. Yaya is with child. Congrats girl.

The end of the movie showed the election of Barack Obama and my sensitive self actually cried once again as if it was November 4, 2008 all over again. I wish President Obama would have been in the movie to actually greet Cecil at the end.

Overall I HIGHLY recommend that everyone go and see this movie you might learn a thing or two from it. I foresee Academy Award (Oscar) nominations. Kudos to the cast and director.

Fierce and Love
Lela Victoria 

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