Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beyonce cries and thanks her fans *Last show* of the MCSWT* or is it

Beyonce to me is the ultimate performer. She fulfills all your needs whenever you attend one of her shows. First off you get to enjoy her beautiful voice along with the vocals of her background singers " The Mama" then there's her entourage of the #MrsCarterDancers, and lastly you have her intimacy that she displays to and with her fans. She knows that without the Beyhive there would be no Beyonce. Well I mean technically there would still be Beyonce but the hive is what gets her pumps and makes her a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Tonight March 27, 2014 Beyonce performed her very last show of the Mrs Carter Show World Tour in Lisbon, Portugal. This concluded 132 performances of greatness and excellence. Beyonce immediately posted a thank you video after the show concluded.


During the final show Beyonce decided to have a heart to heart with her fans and express how she was feeling at that exact moment she states,

"This has been an incredible tour, If y'all don't know tonight makes 132 show. Tonight is the last show of the #MrsCarterShow we started a year ago and I want to say this has been such a journey. For the past year, we've been through so much together, the Super Bowl, shooting the videos, all of these shows. When I first started the tour my baby wasn't even walking yet. I just want you to know that, I am so lucky. I'm giving y'all an UGLY cry. *she embraces the moment*. Thank Y'all. Thank you for allowing me to have the career I've had, and when I fall you LIFT ME UP and when I'm hungry you feed me and I just want to give you my life/light, I dedicate this song to you guys."

And then she goes into singing her song XO " Your love is bright as ever, even in the shadow, Baby kiss me, before I turn the lights out"

Y'all I'm such a hardcore fan, I definitely was just singing XO as I typed the first lines to the song.

Check out the video below of Bey having her heart to heart


Watching Bey cry actually made me tear up. I honestly do not like to see my favorite singer cry even if her tears were those of happiness and gratefulness.

What makes Beyonce even more down to earth is the fact that she always gives thanks to her fans. I really admire her humility. Also just like us Bey is human and at her last performance, she tripped while running/walking up some stairs during the show, yet somehow she managed to fall gracefully and get up like the queen she truly is.
Although right now it seems as if the tour is over with, I highly doubt it is, simply because Beyonce can not leave her American Beyhive fan base hanging. Mrs Carter knows she going to have tour through the USA again and give her home country fan base some new performances to her new music. Bey's guitarist from her all female band hinted that this isn't the end.

The American #Beyhive will be eagerly awaiting the news of new American Tour dates, I can't wait to sing along with Bey #IWokeUpLikeThis and #SurfBoard. I just hope she comes back through America before I deploy to the Middle East this October, or I will be extremely sad. Im thinking she might make an appearance at the #EssenceMusicFestival again this year so I'll try my luck at that event. Anyways I just want to say that I enjoyed the two times I saw Bey in 2013 on her tour and if you have the opportunity you should also see her on tour. 

Remember To Always Be 
Fierce and Fabulous 

Lela Victoria 

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