Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where have All the fathers gone #TRAILER

When the discussion of the black community is on the table one thing that can not be helped but be noticed is the absence of the black man within the family environment. I am the product of a single parent household, along with almost all of the other females I went to school and grew up with. Not having a father was something that was common and we were accustomed to it. We were immune to the fact that we were being raised only by our mothers and did not think twice about not having a male figure in our life.

It is sad to think that an idea such as that is so common and we have grown to be perfectly fine with it. The black community has changed tremendously over the years and many events play a role in the reasoning of why things are they way are no in todays society. One vital part would be seperation of the black family during slavery.

During the time of the Atlantic Slave Trade, slave owners freely broke up families, not caring about what effect the was on the family and the stability of its survival. The breaking up of those families can still be felt in present day society. Currently 57.6% of African America children live in homes without a father. That is more than half of the black community being raised by a single mother. Also in 2013 68% or African American  births were non martials compared to 29.9% of white births. The black community needs to be healed and mended and it starts with connecting and bringing together the family.

Check out this video trailer below entitle " Where have All the fathers gone" which discusses fathers in the black community and the current effect that their presence and non presence has had in the black community.

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