Monday, March 31, 2014

New Michael Jackson album entitled XSCAPE

The gift of music is a very beautiful thing. It is a substance that keeps on giving. One thing I always noticed is that when entertainers die specifically musicians, they never really completely die simply because we will always have their music. This up coming June 25 will mark 5 years since the passing of the King of Pop " Michael Jackson" even though he has passed on his music lives on and that includes the music we have yet to hear.

On May 13, 2014 a new album entitled XSCAPE by Michael jackson will be released. The album is available for preorder starting tomorrow April 1st at This is music to the ears of all the fanatic MJ fans and the rest of the world will greatly appreciate its release. Long Live The KING. RIP Michael Jackson. #MJXSCAPE

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous
Lela Victoria 



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