Monday, May 19, 2014

Beyonce and JayZ "On The Run Music Trailer "

Beyonce is infamous for dropping big hits as if her product is not about to turn the world upside down and inside out. In late April she announced the she would be going on a Summer tour throughout the United States and the tour would be a joint collaboration with her husband JayZ. The Summer tour is entitled "On The Run" and will be one of the  highlight of Summer 2014

 Saturday night 17 May 2014 Bey released what looks to be a movie trailer entitled "RUN" which was inspired by her and JayZ's song On the Run and their upcoming summer tour. The trailer depicts a couple who are obviously madly in love with one another who appear to be involved in some underground illegal related buiness They then proceeds to rob a bank and go on the run. Two lovers living out some vague fantasy as they duck and dodge the law.

The trailor has an amazing cast to go along with the action packed thriller, check out the star studded cast below.

Sean Pennrun 6
Don Cheadle
 run 7
Jake Gyllenhaal
 run 4
Blake Lively
Guillermo Díazrun 5
Emmy Rossum
 run 3
Rashida Jones and Kidada Jones
 run 1

The trailer received many praises but of course there's always someone who has to try to dim the light when others are shining brightly. Some of the negative comments that I have observed are that the preview looks too violent, Beyonce can't act, and then the usual Bey and Jay are overrated.

Let me break a few things down for those who have someting negative to say. First off of course the trailer is going to be violent, the song and tour are called "On the Run" did you think they would be running through a field of flowers. Please think things through before you try to be the sour apple in the bunch. Im sure the people making these comments are the same people who watch violent movies such as Kill Bill, gladiator, and 300. Next lets talk about Beyonce's acting, honestly I dont see anything wrong with it, I mean she's not a Halle Berry or a Viola Davis, but she's pretty decent and can hold her on. Now I know I might be a bit biased because I'm a stan, but she honestly is not as bad as many people try to make her out to be. In order to have great music videos you also have to be a pretty decent actress, check her out in her newest music video Pretty Hurts she's convincing to me. Lastly lets discuss the fact that Jay and Bey are apparently overrated. Can someone please define what makes someone overrated. Just because they are two successful people who happen to appear in the media does not make them overrated that makes them relevant to everyone who tries to stay inside their buisness.

Can we just marvel at how fierce Beyonce make's floating in a pool of money appear. Its all about the BENJAMINS baby.

 run 8

Although the trailor seems as if it will be a hit the sad truth is that we might only get the trailer and nothing more. At the end of the video were the words COMING NEVER. So at this moment we can only take what we can get. Check out the music video below



Like Always Bey and Jay had the internet buzzing with the release of this trailer check out what the people are saying

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