Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Will and Jada are under investigation

Technology gives us so many advantages but along with all the positives comes the negatives

We live in an era where sharing pictures of the people you are with becomes a common thing to do.  To some people " such as myself" sharing those special moments become second nature. We sometimes share things that appear to be harmless, but to others it may come off as being inappropriate or negative. While the person posting the picture or video might not see the bad in the situation until things have completely hit the fan.

Recently a picture of Willow Smith " the daughter of Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith" has been going around the internet. Depicted in the picture is 13 year old Willow lying in the bed with 20 year old actor Moises Arias who happens to be shirtless. Overall this picture stirred up some noise in the internet world.

Jada was questioned recently about the photo and responded with " There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You're acting like covert pedophiles and that's not cool"

Looks like this topic is not one to test Mrs. Jada on.

Because of the picture the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation last week, and have stated that Will and Jada have been extremely cooperative.

I really hope Will and Jada don't get into any trouble, if anything I know this whole ordeal is pissing them off. Simply because they are parents who like to have hands off and give their children free reign. I love the carefree spirit that Willow possesses,  I wish she could be free and be herself, but we live in a world where even if you have good intentions you are constantly judge. My question is if they would have take this exact same picture on the beach would it have caused this much uproar.

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  1. I think thee biggest difference is, that they aren't at the beach or at the pool. They are in a bed. Sadly yes, we live in a world where people living in the public eye have to explain their every move but its just the nautre of the beast. I'm pretty sure they'll be alright tho...They shouldn't be under fire tho...it should be the 20 year old man in the pic...ijs.

    1. i agree the location does change the thought process when evaluating this photograph. It's really sad that your every move is sometimes scrutinized when you're in the public eye. I dont know how they do it, I would be so sneaky with everything I did possibly. Or just be like willow and not care what anyone is saying. The 20 year old is also being talked to but I dont think Moises is being investigated