Saturday, March 14, 2015

Linet Soley (SkyyT LAMOD)

Fashion makes the world go round and we are always aiming to make a profound statement. One of the ways we make these statements is through the use of a fabulous pair of sunglasses.
The winner of the the 2015 MISS American Beauty title " Scottesha Miller" known to the world as SkyyT, recently launch her own line of sunglasses under the line name " Linet Soley". These glasses are definitely what it truly means to be FIERCE AND FABULOUS.

The sunglasses come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of different frames and lenses to choose from SkyyT Lamod features horizontal circles, nino browns, and oversized/traditional cat just to name a few.

The sunglasses are also provided in an assortment of colors.

and I'm more than sure you will find pair of your liking.

Not only does SkyyT Lamod cater to the ladies but you can also find something for the fellas on the site as well. Men she did not forget about you.

The next few weeks are SPRING BREAK season and summer is right around the corner so hit up for your fierce, fabulous, and fashionable eye wear this season and tell Skyy LelaV sent you her way. 

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous 
Lela Victoria

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