Saturday, February 6, 2016

Beyonce *New Song Alert* FORMATION

One day before Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter is set to perform at the 50th Super Bowl she releases a new song entitled "Formation" along with a new music video. I knew something was coming ... The BeyHive 🐝 was buzzing to much for it not to be new music in the air. 

In this song Beyonce addresses any and everyone who's ever talked ish about her and I love that with one epic song she can silence all the haters.

One reason why I love Beyonce is because she's just like me, she loves her blackness and reps it to the core she's just strategic about how she does it. 

I love that Beyonce's is rocking braids, she always kills that style. Additionally I'm digging this old schism thugged out version of Bey and I have a feeling her bad azz take no ish sister Solange was her muse and inspiration. 

Now onto a more serious note, this video is sending a message and it can be related back to The Black Lives Matter movement. I was dancing to the video and watching in amazement as I started to notice a view things like the boy dancing in a hoodie, along with that New Orleans Police Department car submerged in water looking as if it is sinking. Y'all know how the Black community feels about the police right now. I also noticed the newspaper with Dr King on it that said more than a dreamer. Beyonce is so WOKE and unapologetically BLACK in this video and it makes me adore, admire, and Stan for her even more 

Check out the music video and pics from the music video as well 

I'm pretty sure Beyonce will be performing this song tomorrow night at the SuperBowl 50 and wanted to make sure we were all familiar with the song. She has slayyyyyyyyyyyyyed me once again, I'm so amazed right now, she never cease to amaze me. This new music is long overdue, the last time Bey gave us new music was November 2014 with 7/11 and the platinum version of her 5th album Beyonce. 

Remember To Always Be 
Fierce and Fabulous 
xoxo Lela Victoria 

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