Monday, February 22, 2016

Rihanna ( WORK ) new music video

Recently Rihanna released her single WORK and it's definitely been a new hit world wide. What I loved most about the song was that it reminded me of her original roots and I am immediately reminded that no matter how big of a superstar RIHANNA is, she will always be an island ( Barbados) woman.

This music video release was a bit different simply because Rihanna released 2 different music videos for the same song. Yes I said 2, Hmph I see you rih rih trying to step your game up girl. When I first clicked the video I was confused as too why the music video was 7 minutes long. I immediately thought we were going to have another "B*tch better have my money" movie seen but instead it was two separate music videos placed into one. 

The first music video was put together by Director X and is set in a Caribbean  theme club and Rihanna is rocking a sophisticated bob looking like a mature woman 


I love this video simply because it familiarizes us with the sounds of the Caribbens, it allows us to understand the language and dialect that Rihanna is singing in and allows us to get a feel of the people and it's culture. 

The second music video is a bit more intimate and only features Rihanna and Drake. It was directed by Tim Erem

This particular music video allows us to see the intimacy between and Rihanna and Drake and I swear y'all they do look well together. They really would make a bomb couple. 

Check out the video to work below.

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