Thursday, February 25, 2016

Love and Hip Hop moves to NOLA

I'm not an avid watcher or love and hip hop. I will admit I tend to pay more attention to the Atlanta version over the NYC and Hollywood version only because I feel like I can relate to the ATL cast and that region a little bit more.

Hearing about Love and Hip Hop starting up filming in New Orleans, Louisiana aka NOLA has me super excited. I love New Orleans, it reminds me a lot of my hometown Mobile, Alabama which were both founded by the French. I think having a Love and Hip Hop in the Big Easy makes it more relatable to southern folks, especially a bama girl like myself. So far it's been reporting the cast will consist of rapper Mystikal, Supa Cent, 10thWardBuck, and social media celeb TokyoxVanity ( you might remember her as the girl who brought us THE BEST FRIEND song last summer). I'll definitely check out the first few episodes of this particular season, this will definitely be some drama that's close to home for me so I'm sure I'll definitely get in a good laugh or two.

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