Saturday, June 28, 2014

The ABCs of life * A powerful graduation speech*

I was tagged in a graduation speeh * thanks Barb Jeffcoat* and it starts off with a young black male named Tim Lee. Who speaks to his classmates in a very articulate manner at their graduation. His classmates are the class of 2004 of Hampton University. He's encouraging his classmates to overcome the obstacles that they will face after school. He's letting them know that life will not be easy and nothing will be handed to them.

In order to overcome these challenges he gives his advice through the use of the alphabet, he calls it The ABC's of life

A-accept the challenge
B- believe in ourselves
C- convert our thoughts into hopes
D- determination to convert our hopes into dreams
E- expect some obstacles on the way up
F- fight while being faithful and finish the course
G- get GOD on our side
H- Have a harving model of leadership
I- inspire someone else
J- take JESUS on our journey
K- keep on keeping on
L- be a leader
M- make every day count
N- never give up
O- overcome our obstacles
P- put our best foot forward
Q- quit quitting
R- run the race with pacers
S- strive on
T- trusting in the lord
U- use our talents
V- value our time
W- wait for understanding
X- X-ray our own live styles
Y- yearn to achieve all that we seek
Z- be zealous when reaching the top.
Check out the powerful video below.

Tim used the ABC's to inspire his entire class and many others. Through the use of the ABCs he speaks about working hard, not being afraid to fight and keeping the lord in your life in order to succeed. The reaction of his classmates shows that with his words he gave them just the push that they needed to go out and tackle those upcoming obstacles. What a great way to end your collegiate career. Tim Lee you are something special. Below you will find the Tim's entire speech


Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous

xoxo Lela Victoria  


  1. I am touched whenever I see this commencement speech, great delivery but am also very disappointed that he did not give credit to the author , Poet Sherri ScottNovoa who wrote the actual poem.

    1. wow savannah i definitely thought he was the author he delivered it like it was his own

  2. Hello Lela Victoria, Savannah Kelly. My name is Sherri ScottNovoa the Original Author of the ABC's Of Life.

    1. Sherri this is Mara Rose Williams a reporter with the Kansas City Star . It seems now a college trustee has given Tim's speech and neither credited you. Call me 816-234-4419

  3. Sherri you are awesome i love the ABC's of life and it seriously pumps me up

  4. Beautifully written Sherri. I feel like going to every website shouting your name.

  5. sherri s, love the speech and would like to know what inspired you to write the poem

  6. Sherri, I'm a news reporter in Kansas City, now it seems a college trustee has given Tim's speech and neither of them gave you credit for the poem. I want talk to you. 816-234-4419 At The Kansas City Star