Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Gospel Challenge

Throughout my time on social media I have seen challenges come and go. Some of the challenges I have participated in and some I have chosen not to. One of the few I have participated in was the Cinnamon challenge during my collegiate days while at West Point, see the video below at the bottom of the blog. I haven't seen the Gospel Challenge until I was officially tag and challenged. Unlike other challenges before this one, I did not have to think twice about whether or not I was going to participate. I'm in the choir at church ( when I'm in town and have time to make practice). What self respecting Christian would turn down this challenge. If you can hum you can sing a simple hymn. Now if you sound like JJ Fish when you sing I suggest that you stay quiet and not participate in this challenge. Spare us and yourself from being miserable. Anyways, I debated on what Gospel song to sing. I wanted to do a song that my vocals could handle and not pick a song that was totally out of my range. One of my friends suggested I do Say Yes since it was my favorite Gospel song at the moment and so I thought to myself " WHY NOT" and thats how choosing that song came about. Check me out doing the Gospel challenge. I had a great time making the video. My vocals are not the greatest but I had fun singing praises until the lord. Are you up to the Challenge? It is your opportunity to not only participate in a fun cause but to give praise to our savior.


Who remembers the Cinnamon Challenge. Actually make that the Crazy Cinnamon Challenge, I got some good laughs from that challenge and actually did it myself check out the video below.

Remember To Always Be 
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