Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kelly Rowland is pregnant

The second lead vocalist of Destiny's Child is pregnant.  I literally screamed ( while still at work ) when I found out that Kelly Rowland was pregnant. Finding out the good news immediately made me smile and then proceed to sing her song " Kisses Down Low". I can't even explain why out of all her songs that one in particular popped in my head.


Kelly officially announced her exciting news today via Instagram by posting this picture with the caption, I'll be stunting like my daddy.

She shared a picture of baby jordans lined up next to a regular adult pair which was our obvious clue that she was trying to tell us something special.

Last month Kelly married her manager Tim Witherspoon in Costa Rica, looks like the couple will be adding a new member sooner than expected.


This is exciting news for the RowlandStones ( that's Kelly's fan base for all who doesn't know ) and you know the #Beyhive is excited to hear about our sister being a future mommy. Congratulations Kelly I know you are going to be a Fierce and Fabulous mommy and I look forward to seeing pictures of you with your adorable baby bump, you officially do not have to hide it anymore.

Remember To Always Be
Fierce and Fabulous

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