Monday, October 7, 2013

Beyonce's official calendar *2014*

Today Beyonce released her official 2014 calendar. As always Queen Bey is looking very fierce in her photos. I mean honestly she never fails to deliver whenever she is in front of the camera. I might need to start studying her photographs and the way she moves her body, because she does this type of thing where whatever she is selling I am more than likely going to by it
Currently the calendar can be purchased on Beyonce's personaly site for $15.00. I'm more than certain they will sell out soon, therefore I bought mines today. The day she released it.

The cover of the calendar shows Beyonce in a 2 piece outfit rocking a look that we are very familiar with, she wears something similar to this on her current world tour THE MRS CARTER SHOW WORLD TOUR. She's showing off her perfectly scultepted abdominal region. Sometimes I still can't believe Bey had a baby and manages to look this amazing.

She put out a few teaser photos to satisfy the thirst that is out there. Yes ma'am the thirst is real. Make sure you pick up a copy of her calendar, if not for yourself then maybe for that Beyonce stan that you may know. I mean we all know someone who adores the queen.
Fierce and Fabulous

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