Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kanye West Compares Kim Kardashian to First Lady Michelle Obama

Kanye West did an interview a day or two ago, and he made a few statements that do not quite sit right with me.

Kanye  I'm trying my best to like you again, but I swear when you make ignorant statements it's kind of hard to do such a thing. What possessed you to mention your fiancé ( Kim Kardashian )  in the same sentence as the Obama's

On air with Ryan Seacrest Kanye stated 
" No ones is looking at what the president is wearing, Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a ( sexy Instagram aka ass shot ) pic like my girl Instagrammed the other day. "

Here's the instagram shot Kanye was referring to.


I guess Kanye forgot that the president is too busy running a country to give his attention to the fashion world and why would Michelle Obama want to Instagram an ass shot. The First Lady has outstanding credentials based off her brains and beauty and not just her looks like your future wife does. Once Kim graduates from Princeton and obtains a law degree from Harvard then she will earn the right to be mention in the same sentenced as Michelle, until then pipe down with your foolish talk.

Kanye West also stated, " Kim is one of the most influential women in fashion currently. He better had only been referring to fashion and nothing else even though I'm pretty sure what Kim wears is not that important to many people.


The first lady and her fashionista ways are very influential indeed. This past January her inaugration gown was one of the most anticipated fashion pieces of the year. (KANYE STOP PUTTING YOUR GIRL UP THERE WITH THE ELITIST) She's a reality tv star who is trying to hang with the best of the best.

Kim Kardashian is not more influential than Michelle Obama, and any one who admires KK over Mo is a fool. KK is not the most intriguing  woman right now,  she really isn't. Give that title to someone else because she doesn't get it.

Also Kim and Kanye aren't exactly the type of people who even have the respect of the First Family.
Let's reflect back on the Obama's opinions on Kanye and Kim 

( President Obama): called Kanye West a jackass after his 2009 MTV VMAs taylor swift stunt ( I'm a beyonce Stan so I actually approve of what Kanye did ) 

Michelle Obama: says her husband doesn't approve of the Kardashian reality show. 

( I'm with you Mr President I feel as if I lose brain cells Everytime I glance at that ridiculous show)

Kanye continues on in the interview stating that Kim Kardashian deserves to be on the cover of vogue. He's referring to the American Cover of Vogue which Michelle Obama has graced twice.


Please VOGUE do not give this reality tv star her own cover, DO NOT do it. If I check my mail box and she is on the cover of one of my VOGUE magazines I'm ripping that cover off.

Next let's discuss Kanye West having the nerve to say Kim Kardashian deserves a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. What did she do to deserve this star, she is a reality tv star who got famous from a sex tape. What good deed has she done for America, hell I say lil Wayne deserves a star over Kim. 

I swear it seems like Kanye West wants him and his girl to be on that Beyonce and JayZ status and that ain't ever happening, I say if you want that status pick another girl bro. Kanye point blank, your girl is GORGEOUS, but she isnt't VOGUE material, what has she done to better the world. She needs to take note from Michelle's BFF Beyonce and maybe one day in Kim's dreams she will be on that level. Until then she can stay on the cover of the SEX MAGAZINE COSMO or PLAYBOY can have her once again.

Check out a funny response from (MICHELLE OBAMA) she did not write this but it would be hilarious if she did

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